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Griswolds Go To Hawaii, Day 1

2007-06-30, 9:52 p.m.

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The hotel we're in pre-flight has net access. Huzzah.

Today was spent repacking suitcases, buying stuff, people running late, and general crazy.

My cousins' guide dog Mulan had to be returned (for good) before they left, so we went along for that. It was sad. I don't think Mulan figured out what was going on (she's gone there temporarily before), but there was a fair chunk of crying going on. Awww.

Oh, and my cousin Alicia got the stomach flu! We called the hospital and they said there was nothing we could do, she'd be massively sick for days, and oh, tomorrow (i.e. flight day), she'll be due for diarrhea! Lovely timing on all accounts!

Argh. I guess we shall see...

Quotes from my cousin Kristen today:

(a) "Welcome to family vacation."
(b) "This trip is going to be interesting. Three strong personalities gunning it for control."

Actually, all things considered, things are going well so far. (Plus, FREE NET ACCESS!) But...yeah, I have to worry, eh?

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