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Eight People at the Airport

2007-07-01, 8:53 a.m.

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Oh, the joys of eight people checking in at the airport. I don't think I need to say any more on that.

They had some kind of game on the plane where you were supposed to guess at what time we were halfway between Hawaii and California. Much to everyone's surprise, Mom won and got a pack of macadamia nuts.

Much to everyone's relief, Alicia did not get any kind of sick on the five-hour flight. I swear, she looked better getting off the plane than she had getting on.

You know you're in Hawaii the second you get off the plane. I'm not normally bothered by Hawaii humidity too much, but I will say the Kona airport had the most humidity the entire time we were on the island. Whoa. But hey, tropical paradise!

While security wasn't any more or less worse than usual at the airport, the rental car place took over an hour. Whee, terrorists in Glasgow! We got a van that seated seven (erk) and Mom got her own car for the extra, one I called the Orange Bomber. (There are many of them in Hawaii.)

Eventually we got over to our condo, which was quite spiffy. Big living room, big dining room, big kitchen, enormous master bedroom. Mom and I got the second upstairs bedroom, with an attached bathroom.
And the backyard (facing a golf course- hole #2) was pretty spiffy. I loved hanging out on the back lanai in the morning.

We didn't do much the first afternoon- hit the spa at our spiffy pool area mostly, and got a sort-of lunch at the King's Shops across the way.

Later we went into Kona to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, where we were obviously jet-lagging. I got a gorgeous shirt (designed by Shakira) and a ukulele pin while were there.

We were in bed by 9 p.m. Sheesh.

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