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Another Schedule Change

2014-07-01, 3:38 p.m.

Okay, so the entry from the other day? My, how things have changed regarding that class.

So I finally heard back from the instructor and:
(a) the classes are now being pushed back to starting in August (better for me)
(b) they are being moved to Mondays (more on that below)
(c) Discounts!

Now, other than the classes being moved to Mondays--which as you might recall, I was supposed to have free before I had my schedule switched around on me-- this was actually improving on a lot of the objections I had going on with this on timing and money. But for the Mondays...well, part of me thought, "There's your excuse, then. Don't have to do it because you can't make it."

However, Merry told me last week that one of the girls on shift was willing to switch shifts with me at some point. So I asked that girl and she agreed to there you go. As my shrink pointed out, things seem to be lining up ah, REALLY WELL. Almost like a sign, eh?

In other news, I am still working on my jury duty speech. I finally read it aloud for timing and found that my current quite satisfactory draft (3.0, I call it) came out to six minutes long. Since I told the guy I was shooting for 3-5 minutes, and Melinda wants me to do 4, and at some point I will have to s..l...o..w...i..t...d...o...w...n... rather than reading it at my usual, you get the drift. So I was all, uh, crap, and started cutting a few things here and there. The next go through was at 5 minutes. Then I started cutting more...and unfortunately, any more cuts after the 5 minute draft (there's a 4.5 minute and a 3.5 minute version now) are starting to cut jokes and things that I wanted to leave in. Ugh. Problem is, I should probably be cutting even more than that if I have to be slow about it. I e-mailed Melinda to ask what is more important: that it be short or have more jokes. I guess we'll see.

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