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Starting The Mandalorian

2020-07-02, 5:53 p.m.

I just plowed through giant amounts of workload today. I am drained. But I had no Zoom meetings today at work! That's about the first day of it since the first day of working from home. My boss was out today, so that explains it. I still had Weird Problems come up but just had to cc everyone who's out. Whatevs. I am just so tired and it's so exhausting to endure the whole day.

Saw Dawn at lunch and she said she plans to retire and move away from here (too expensive to keep living here, plus if layoffs are going to happen anyway she might as well get the hell out) in December. Yet another one of those things I assumed I'd have a few more years before she did, but...I can't blame her. I'd be sad about all of the activities we can't do together any more once she moves, but now they're all gone and who knows if they will ever come back. We'll still have online acquaintance, assuming she moves somewhere with Internet access (I said as much, we also talked about how Mary at Sierra has no internet at all now in the mountains), so the way things are now, I guess that won't change. Now I really feel shitty about refusing to see her physically the other week. That may be the last time I ever see her. GUILT. I haven't felt this guilty about people since my dad was alive.

From my email, work/bad news side of it:

(a) The CC hopes to reopen for studio use only in August. We'll see. They hired new student managers, at least.
(b) We were Officially Notified, in vague, official, "please don't do a witch hunt asking who it is" language, that someone has come down with symptoms of COVID 19. It was vague as to whether or not it's just our office (I'm assuming) given the number of higher ups that aren't even in our office that were cc'd on this. However, since I got told who it was yesterday, I was less panicked. Well, we already know and it was one of the most at risk people who interacts with all the other people who physically go into the office, so.....
(c) From the CEO's weekly newsletter, he was begging people to look at the numbers and stay the fuck inside because "we are in the very early stages of bringing people back" and "We do not want to go backwards." YEAH, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. Unfortunately, begging people to stay indoors isn't doing fuckall, is it?
(d) Even though technically my county wasn't on the "shut it all down" list of the governor's, according to the county news briefing, we are thisclose from being on the list anyway, so we might as well shut down too. Well, good.

In better news, Kelly and company are arranging Zoom hangouts to discuss the play over the weekend. So that's nice.

I went to some hippie event thing today...I think it was called "Embrace Your Genius," which, cool, but as per hippie shit, sometimes you never fucking know how it's going to go, and while there was discussion of being rejected for yourself and figuring out your genius, it really just turned into a meditation session. Which, fine, I was all strung out after work, why not. But I ended up crying through like half of it, on camera because she wanted to watch how we were doing. WHEEEEEEEEEEE. I did not get any special insights other than "I miss Scott" and "Oh my god, I can't believe I haven't seen my mom since 2019." I didn't say anything afterward and just logged off.

Then Jackie wanted me to look at her pros and cons list about remaining friends with a particular person. I read this list, made some angry comments, and overall was like "Seriously, I would drift off from this person, I don't think you like her very much." Then we discussed this for about an hour. Kinda ends the same way: she has a long list of people she considers friends that aren't too great, but she feels like she should keep them around because then she wouldn't have very many friends.

After that I talked to Mom (who isn't bringing up visiting, thank god), who set me up with her Disney Plus account so I can watch you-know-what this weekend. And The Mandalorian, which I am now finally watching. We also discussed how my cousin Ron is one of those asshole cops ("arrogant" and "I never cared for him," Mom said, which is a lot because it takes a lot for her to actively diss anyone, and "I believe he would put a chokehold on someone.") and the myth of cowtipping. This article is hilarious, btw. She also got a very nice email from her old boss after he heard about her being let go, offering to be a reference if she wants to look for another job, she did a great job even though she drove him nuts, because she always went the extra mile, etc.

Mom thinks that Disney Plus is the best gift she ever got me, incidentally. I think technically it came with her iPad, I think she said, but hey, whatever works ;)

As for the first episode of the Mandalorian:
* The bathroom euphemisms are choice in this, as are that guy's of evacuation....?
* Well, nice try, chatty bounty dude. Into the freezer for you!
* If I didn't know already what was coming in this show and I was some complete noob watching it blind, I probably would have turned it off by now, because once the bounty guy is gone, this is sooooooo deadpan quiet and slow. Hard to have charisma in a full body suit and mechanical-ish voice that doesn't say much.
* All you can give me is the target's age? Hm, yes, this is fishy.
* "Has your signet been revealed/" Huh?
* I cracked up when that guy is all "all the guys I've helped have died" and Mando is all "maybe I don't want your help" about it.
* "This is a female. Males are all eaten during mating." *snerk*
* I concur with Mando that the self destructing thing is ridiculous.
* IT'S A BAYBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE what else can I say but d'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Episode 2:
* The baby is driving his own little pod? Does he have a joystick in there or anything? Is there an electronic leash dragging him about? How does this work?
* "This is what was causing all the fuss?"
* "I think it's a child." YA THINK? IT'S IN A SPACE STROLLER.
* What kind of gullet does that kid have to swallow frogs whole?! He's tiny!
* Oh, Tattooine. Perennial bounty hunters, weird creatures, and Jawas stealing your shit.
* The Egg! The Egg! The Egg! The Egg! This has become a very silly show after 1.5 episodes. Who woulda thunk?
* This is rather Sarlaac-ish.
* I see that this is going well....
* Now that is one awesome baby. I knew it was coming because god knows I watched every Baby Yoda spoiler online, but still awesome. And cute! And he naps!
* Ohhhhhh, THAT egg.....
* I was afraid to ask if it was a fertilized egg. I guess it's not. Scrambled egg for all!
* Again, how is the baby cradle moving along? Who is piloting it if the baby is asleep?
* "If you cared to help, it might go faster." Duh. Also, it's your ship, you should fix it?

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