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2004-07-03, 8:29 p.m.

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Came home yesterday to find a note from Heather, saying that sure enough, all the food I bagged was incorrect and therefore must be thrown out or else it would kill us. "Sorry :("

Eight. Bags. Wasted. All because I'm stupid and have no common sense and it never even occurred to me to ask someone that wasn't Heather how to bag them. Hundreds of dollars worth of food that I had to drag across the complex and could barely pick up. The entire alcohol stash. The entire spices/condiments stash. The new groceries. Everything wasted because I'm stupid.

After hauling all that out, there wasn't much left to eat over a 3-day weekend. So I went to the hippie grocery store- $60 for food that probably would have cost $40 elsewhere. Though I did pick up a tiny cheesecake ($4, grr), sushi ($5.50) and alcohol (usual price) because I needed a damned pick-me-up.

The rest of the day (other than working) I pretty much spent trying to figure out what kind of yarn to get for knitting class. I'm not sure if knitting is quite for me, exactly, if it has to be that goddamned precise and it's an enormous bitch if you ever want to swap yarns. Damn, I want to just make up my own patterns already.

I was planning on going to dance class if my sore throat was better- which it was today in the "there's no big hole of pain any more" way, but there was still the "feel like I have perpetual dry throat" way. Which isn't great if you are breathing heavily through your mouth and sweating, so uh...never mind. It worked out better that I didn't go anyway, considering that Jackie was dropping something off for me for my birthday and got stuck in traffic.

I went to the comic store for Free Comic Book Day and have been having oodles of fun reading said comics and their online websites since. I was planning on making July the "Month of Minimum Spending," i.e. keep it to trying to only buy stuff I need, but I have somewhat blown it already, of course. Fell in love with a book yesterday that I am getting used off Amazon for $1.25 or something, and while in for free comics, picked up four non-free ones. But they were really good!

Hell, instead of writing, what am I doing? Reading online comics. Gaaaaah, I need heellllpppp. I'm always looking for something else to do and I only want to write major stuff while on a deadline or on a train or at work. Guh.

Back to the yarn issue, after debating late into the night about whether or not it would be better to order yarn online (advantages: free pattern that went with yarn, each ball about $3. disadvantages: yarn seems to be discontinued, takes about a month to ship, they ship UPS.... nope!), I just went to the store at noon for their 2-hour 40% off sale. Even with having to buy a pattern book and (for no discernable reason) really large knitting needles, it turned out the pattern I wanted only needed four $10 skeins, and I came out of that with everything pretty cheaply off. Probably about the same price as if I'd done it online, I guess. Also a good thing I cut dance class because at noon the line was looooong.

Also went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 today, which was impressive. Course, I got home and Mom had called wanting to know why I wasn't home, and when I told her what I'd been doing she pouted that I hate Dubya and said the movie was full of lies. Bleeeech, why does she have to be a blockheaded Republican? Honestly.

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