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A Dull Weekend

2005-07-03, 8:09 p.m.

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More family flushing down the toilet.

* Janelle is reportedly "really not doing well." Not that that's a surprise, I guess.

* Grandma's going progressively loony. Claims she hasn't talked to Janelle, when she's been calling five times a day to cry at her. And hanging up on Auntie Dolores (not that anyone can blame her there). Supposedly the house is a mess and nobody's bathing. But nobody can force anything upon them until something really bad happens. Whee.

* Dad went into the hospital this weekend for blood transfusions and tests. Specialists shall be calling this week.

Though there's one piece of good news- Mom is "considering" getting help to come in and has gotten names from some people. Let's hope.

And I have actually started doing the Enormous Pile of Dishes From Hell this weekend. I've finally decided to just drape a towel over the oven (i.e. half the counter space), do as many dishes as will fit on the towel, and let them air-dry so I'm not sitting there drying each dish separately (or trying to find the dish drainer in the dish rubble first) for hours. That's the best compromise I can come up with.

Oh, hey, one cheerful thing, I finally got some bunny shots! I caught one outside in the daytime. Hooray!

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