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Place of Refuge

2007-07-03, 9:05 a.m.

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Today we went to Pu'uhonua o Honaunau, the "Place of Refuge" national park. It's a preserved ancient Hawaiian village. Mostly we just wandered around looking at buildings, climbing on rocks, and spotting the fins of turtles in the ocean.

However...there were these two idiots who snorkeled right in to the bay where the turtles were. (It's way illegal to get near turtles in Hawaii.) Okay, so from their end they probably snorkeled in the wrong way (there was a snorkeling bay on the other side from the park that we went to later) and couldn't see the NO ENTRY sign from their end when they stood up. But when the park ranger told them to get the hell out... they freaking argued with him. For like ten minutes! I couldn't believe it. What idiots.

(For more pictures of this place, start here.)

Also that day, we went to this place:

I don't like coffee, but this place promised to de-bitter the coffee. I tried it. Alas, I still hated it. But that said, they had the best macadamia nut ice cream I ever had on the islands there. Yum.

Also on this day, the parents on this trip found out that if they attended a time-share program, they'd get a bunch of freebies and discounts. They (plus Travis, who wants to dabble in real estate some day) decided to go to one the next day.

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