Chaos Attraction

Home Alone (Naturally)

2012-07-03, 8:32 p.m.

Cat-sitting is over. L has returned from Africa, though I am not returning the car until tomorrow when she wakes up. We are going over to Monica's for tomorrow.

I am happy to have my friend back...but I am going to miss the kitty and car. I wonder how the kitty is doing? If she's back to normal with her mom or doing the pouting snit punishment thing?

Mostly I am just writing this to say that I haven't hung out in my own apartment for nearly 3 weeks except to sleep and it just feels freaking WEIRD to be in my own place, watching stuff on my own DVD player, eating food in my own house, and no kitty. It's kinda like, "NOW what do I do?"

Of course, the answer to this will eventually be something like, "clean the living room," or "practice the guitar" or "knit," but still.

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