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County Fair Shopping

2014-07-04, 10:53 p.m.

On Thursday, I pretty much bummed around the house all day, writing journal entries and uploading Cher photos. I had planned on going to the movies at some point (because other than the Joann's and the Target and the snooty outlets, we don't have that much shopping here), but I told Mom which movie I wanted to see and she said she wanted to see it too, so I said we'll hold off until tomorrow then.

After she got off work, we went to the county fair. It was awesome. I do kind of wish we'd seen more of the animal stuff (but that goes on more during the day), but we may return on Saturday and do that then. We did do...uh, a lot of delightful shopping and fair foods, mostly. And looking at the arts and crafts, which is always a good time for me. I saw some amazing halter tops some woman is making that impressed the hell out of me. (I think it's this chick? This looks like her style.) I wanted to try some, and I do not wear the darned things.

I got a cool peacock top, an amazing ruffled layered stretchy dress that is a party by itself, two craft books for $5 apiece, and some hair chalks. Mom went a bit more whole hog than me--she didn't buy the clothes so much, but she bought more books, and a freaking IRONING BOARD (this is a thing at fair?), and she wanted to buy me an Infinity Light.

I don't remember this worth a damn, but Mom claims she called me at some point saying that she'd found some cool light thing and wanted to buy it for me, and I said no because I didn't know where I'd put it. Which sounds like me, certainly. But I never saw a picture of the thing (she claims she sent one), and it turns out they look like this. So yes, I have a rainbow ball now, even though I haven't the faintest idea still where to hang it. But they're so pretty....

We also saw, but did not consume, spaghetti ice cream. We were way too thirsty at the time and were buying floats instead, but the vendor said he'd be at the state fair next weekend, so I will try it then.

A good time was had by all, especially me since I have things to dress up in now.

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