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A Good Local Fourth

2012-07-05, 11:46 a.m.

I haven't spent a Fourth of July in town for several years now, and I haven't particularly liked it when it's happened. Usually if that happened, it's boiled down to (a) I'm the only one in town, and (b) the Fourth is on some shitty day, like a Wednesday, so I couldn't go anywhere else.


Seriously, Wednesday is the worst day to even HAVE this particular day-off holiday on. You wake up and it's like, "oh, the weekend started!" Except it didn't and you still have to slog your ass to bed early because it's a weeknight and you have to work tomorrow. What the fucking fuck? So it screwed with my head pretty much all day for that reason.

I figured I was going to spend the morning relaxing before we went over to Monica's. Not so much--I ended up making a run to Safeway while I still had the car to pick up extra drinks and hot dog buns and ice cream and stuff like that. L. eventually was up by around noon and I went to pick her up. Sh gave me some cool rainbow-y jewelry from South Africa-huzzah!--and I loaned her more books in the Newsflesh series since I got her addicted to the first one. I asked how the kitty was and it sounds like the answer was "a lot less insane than she usually is when she's been alone." Since the kitty kept eating and hadn't meowed herself hoarse and things like that... :) She is giving L some crap for being gone, but I guess not as bad as usual, so mission accomplished!

A few other folks showed up for the party (though L eventually left early to go pass out again), and we had a nice lunch, followed by board games--the awesome Apples to Apples and Monopoly. But the latter one dragged on so long that we eventually just gave the hell up on it and went swimming instead. Then we packed some snacks and headed over to the giant park between Monica's and my house to watch the local fireworks. It was severely packed there--I swear it was worse than Picnic Day. Probably due to less space. But we snagged a good spot and saw some nice close-up fireworks. Fun times.

Anyway, Monica had a question for me and I did for her. I asked her about going to SLO for the wedding--she said she didn't know how her job hunt was going to be come August, so probably not. (Shoot. That means I'm out of people to ask...but I can't say I'm surprised either, I'd say the same in her situation.) On the other hand.... her boyfriend lives in Southern California (Norwalk? I've never heard of it) and wants her to move there at some point, since she doesn't have college going on any more and he does. So she said that after her lease ends...why don't we buddy up?

I am all for that. Wanted a moving buddy anyway. I do kinda wonder if we can work out the location issue--she also doesn't drive--but we'll see how it goes. I sent her my giant stash of moving links today to see what she thought.

Since I gave L back her car, I walked back home from fireworks. And holy crap, was I glad I was walking home. Because it was insanely packed. There were so many people walking home that they were walking in the bike lanes...which was forcing the bikers to ride their bikes where the cars are supposed to drive. YIKES DANGEROUS, Y'ALL. And then there were a long line of backed-up cars that couldn't go because the pedestrians were on and on and on. It didn't start to clear out until I hit my block of the neighborhood. What a mess! Glad to be on foot for that.

Then, as per the usual night-before-I-go-back-to-work-again sort of thing, I proceeded to not sleep for shit all night. Ugh. What a weird week. But this Fourth of July was a good one, so huzzah!

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