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Fireworks From The Street

2014-07-05, 10:54 p.m.

The Fourth was pretty laid back for us. We went to see How To Train Your Dragon 2, which had its plusses and minusses. GREAT animation and dragons...could have used some more action on the parts of the tough Viking ladies and less dragon brainwashing, though. Usual Hollywood.

After that we hung out at this restaurant/bar for freaking hours--we got there within time for the lunch specials and then hung around long enough to be there during happy hour, so I had a lot of wonton dishes--wonton tacos and some kind of wonton appetizer--and a drink with eight different liquids, three of them rum. Woot.

I should probably mention that while we were eating outside--right on the edge of their patio--I saw my jerkass aunt and uncle (last seen when we left a theater show halfway through to avoid them) walking right by, there was no way for them to miss us. I looked down at my plate and hissed at Mom to look down at hers and not talk. I couldn't explain why, but she figured it out after they walked by. I don't know if they genuinely didn't see us or if they were pretending not to, but WHEW.

After that, we wandered around the downtown for a bit and then drove around the back of town for another bit, then went home, but eventually got off our asses and went out to see the fireworks.

I haven't been in the olde hometowne to see fireworks in a very long time. They have apparently moved the location of where they set them off to the roof of the parking garage downtown. I think this is new for them? They shut down several streets to let people sit out in the road and watch. It was quite odd to have to watch the show through telephone poles and traffic lights because there wasn't anywhere to go that didn't have those in the air. My photos are...interesting. The show was good, though. I've never seen so many "fountains" set off before in one show.

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