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Tuck Be A Lady Tonight

2020-07-05, 5:59 p.m.

I had a very nice lie-in this morning. Alas, at some point in the day one has to get up. And already my goal to find three free hours to watch Hamilton is SHOT FOR THE DAY. (I say this starting writing at 2:25 p.m.) Darn it. I had nothing scheduled until 7 p.m. tonight, this should have been easy and doable. It was not.

Had a Zoom call with Dawn this morning, which I was kind of dreading because I had a bad feeling about it. Which was accurate, because she is ah, concerned about my mental health and fear levels about the outdoors. This is entirely reasonable and unfortunately, not really anything that is likely to get better. We talked about her work stress leading her to be about ready to get the fuck out, and she said that even though she has to give the retirement center (or HR or whatever) 60-90 days notice, she technically only has to give 2 weeks notice to her job, and she is leaning towards doing that. Basically, her boss left 10 years ago and was never replaced, and the area of work that she runs has been neglected since, and she can be pretty reasonably sure that it will be discontinued entirely once she's gone, which has happened at other giant orgs that had her specialty. And she said that if she gives them more notice, they'll force her to do the work of shutting it down. I said that given the current situation they are highly likely to shut it down anyway and there's really nothing she can do but take care of herself. And yeah, fuck' em on the notice.

We also talked about crafts (more fun) and the locations that she is considering moving to (Redding sounds like the most likely candidate), and how she is probably going to be forced to get a smartphone because everything now runs on smartphones and she is having problems with GPS, or being able to make a telehealth appointment*, and other stuff. Sorry, Dawn, I know you love that flip phone** and smartphones are expensive, but they are the way to go for many reasons. Though I do get the whole "digital divide" problem because me not being on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram is a social problem, but not enough of a complete barrier to living life yet that I am forced to sign up for and use them all. I pondered if her getting an iPod Touch would solve the GPS issue, but maybe not since those don't have their own wireless network.

* The fuck? You can't just do a Zoom? It has to be run off your smartphone only? You have elderly people who shouldn't be leaving the house unless they absolutely have to and she had to make an in-person appointment because of that?!
** I'm horrible for saying it, but man, I have always, always hated the flip phone from day one when my last ex had them. I can't even explain why I despise them so, other than they have always struck me as being cheap, flimsy, easily broken pieces of shit. And are horrible to text on.

Anyway, I figured that was going to go about an hour and a half, but it went for more like 2.5 hours. Then I was going to force myself to go outside for the day, and then Shanna texted to say that she was going to have a midafternoon break...and that throws off the entire schedule right there. We did some more Hamlet in between her having other stuff come up (at least she is talking to her Scott again, so there's that) on her end.

After that, I did my two weeks of outside. Nothing bad happened, thank goodness. I didn't get much actual mail, somehow. (Since I didn't get another card from Cameron, now I am wondering if writing pages over 2 weeks was too much? I dunno.... maybe I won't write another letter unless she writes back.) I didn't have to wash the car or gas it or anything. Nobody had masks on outside. I didn't trip on anything. I did see several signs outside in the old fashioned way (rings on ground....I forgot that was a thing I did, hearts, the radio playing a song he likes), so that happened.

I gave up on trying to find three hours of uninterrupted time to at least watch the first act of Hamilton. More on that later. Then I had rehearsal for Robin Hood.

We have several ladies playing men--Cameron is Robin Hood, Alexis is Prince John (I miss Scott, dammit, though no offense meant to Alexis, it was just weird for me), Bridget is the Sheriff. Ann and I are playing the "extra" women (who have about 1 or 2 lines apiece as ladies in waiting), though I did get two songs, so there's that. I have some lines in the parody of Stout Hearted Men and sing "Tuck Be A Lady Tonight." I suspect I will just switch wigs between characters. I was amused that Cameron whipped out a parasol as a prop, and then we were all "Yay Gail Carriger and attack parasols" about it. Robert, playing Friar Tuck and King Richard, whipped out some chain mail to play Richard. I will say that if we were able to act out stuff, at least some of the ladies would have had a bit more to do, so I guess there's that?

Cameron continues to have sound issues at her place--after a while I suggested she just call in-- so that should be ah, interesting to have to figure out there. As hers was freezing out, she said in chat, "Oh, come on, it's not like I'm an important character."

At one point Jason (playing Alan the bard) said "Just thought you might like to know that the cause of King John's death was eating too many peaches." Then I was all, "Moving from the forest, then he ate a lot of peaches." I think I confused Linda, but hey, I was doing a song parody!

Anyway...more to be rehearsed later, we shall see what goes on.

Tonight's Pick A Card readings were extremely lovely and positive. This one, deck 2, said that they can't move forward right now and are "chained to their business right now" (no denying the accuracy of that one), but said in the longer term future, they will open up and let you in. "This will come about in a divinely guided way, when the both of you are surrendered. And that's when the divine is going to come in and work the magic here, and then get things rolling."
“This is going to work out way better than you ever imagined. Even more than what you dreamed. You’re not going to mind that this is going to take awhile, because it’s going to work out really nicely.” ”You guys are going to figure out how to make this work.” “Love does exist in this connection, it just needs time to grow.”

Then I did one on Your Life A Year From Now (again #2) straight up saying marriage all over the place. Now that one I have to realistically doubt like hell because even if we got into a relationship tomorrow, there's fucking pandemic, and also he seems like he'd be really, really slow about that sort of thing. (Oh well, no rush unless someone needs health insurance or is dying, I guess....oh god, let's not jinx anything with those these days.) This one also draws out charms and letters and well,his initials turned up in the letters, and stuff like popcorn (he likes movies) and a tie (ditto) and an engagement ring and lock and key, all this marriage-y stuff....

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