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Fireworks and Computers

2003-07-06, 9:46 p.m.

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Well, we've had a lot of news since last I updated here.

For one, despite my entry of the other day (and many 3WA'ers, LJ'ers, and the notify list know this by now), I have gotten a laptop. Dave managed to find me one for exactly $763 that has nearly everything I want. Score! It should be coming in in the middle of this week. I'm having it shipped to Dave's so someone will be home to sign for it. He can set it up from his end, and then when Hill's gone for her 48 hour pass I can have him come here (heh heh) and set it up at my place and transfer everything off of the old one.

It's such a relief. Talking about the problems this computer now has outright frightens salespeople, and I'm so glad I'll have it in case it does.


The Fourth was low key. Teri was supposed to be coming over, but (ahem) she decided to get too stoned to bother. So we did our own thing- went on the roof to watch fireworks from a few different shows, then shot off various fireworks in the driveway. Fun! Especially cool that if you buy fireworks around 9 p.m. they start taking the price down.

On Saturday, we went a' mallin. We checked Circuit City for various computer components I'm going to need and picked up a few for now. I found some Happy Bunny buttons and magnets and ahem, had some fun there.

We also went on a futile mission. If you remember, months ago we got photos done for our anniversary. (The fancy ones at the top.) They came out great, albeit fucking expensive, and we ordered some more wallets to hand out because they only gave us 4 apiece for 2 poses. Over $100 for this, mind you, even though we got two larger photos thrown in with this deal right off the bat.

Well, it's July now, and we still have no wallets that have come in. Dave's gotten the "it'll be two more weeks" runaround for months now, followed by a "we musta lost 'em" runaround. And of course there's different employees every time you go there, ahem. They do fine, fine picture work, but shifty much? I finally had dug up the receipt, so I went along with him to do the "give me pictures, money, or someone's death" (heh) thing. I refused to speak and well, pretended to be mute or something. Yes, I know that was stupid, but man, you did not want me talking on this subject.

So the dude we confront looks around for our envelope, and finds it. The only things in it are pictures for another pose that we'd never been shown before. Huh? He claims that they didn't know what pictures to order. This, however, WAS WRITTEN RIGHT ON THE ENVELOPE.

Dude claims that he'll go take our pictures down to the lab right away and deliver them to the house Sunday. Given that they're tinted and whatnot, this was at 1 p.m. on a Saturday and of course the lab was closed Sunday...I think you can see where this is going.

I told Dave when he returns to yell at them to see if we can just get the pictures from the extra pose. Because lord knows that I don't think we're either going to get a refund OR newly made pictures out of these people, and I'd like this crap over with eventually.

During the weekend, we also started working on clay stuff for the crafts fair. Dave made a darned nice "hands in the crazy" logo and some "forbidden smiley" magnets (if he can just find some magnets, anyway). My beads, alas, were not nearly so successful. Dave suggested I just sell off my beads, and I said I'd have to sell them with the label "Interesting Rejects." Because they did NOT look like the ones in the book by a long shot. At least the funkyass pins I made came out better than that, but then again those weren't meant to look like anything.

On my way home tonight, I got trolled on. I ended up sitting next to a bored, chatty fellow. Who, to be honest, seemed pretty nice, and probably would have gotten a bite from me had I been single. Until, well, I got that vibe. I'd mentioned early on that I had a boyfriend, we were engaged, la la la, and he started making comments about how we could just, you know, go out and not tell him about it. Oy. Sound like Scott much? Bad. Sign. Dude didn't even say good-bye to me after getting off the bus.

And a final note... Should Hill get this Florida job, she is going to be driving cross-country. Her mother is not thrilled with her doing this alone, nor is Hill that thrilled with the idea.

She has been looking for someone to go with her. I had kinda had a vibe for a few weeks now that she might ask me to go, though she was making vague noises about asking an out-of-work friend of hers. Well, friend was predictably flaky on the idea, so she asked me tonight. Stopping through Vegas for a day, going through the Grand Canyon, and ending for a few days' partying in New Orleans (I have ALWAYS wanted to go, so has she) before I flew home and she drove on. And surprisingly, this would not be all that expensive. No hotel bills because her dad can get her some deal where she can spend nights in Holiday Inns for free, she's getting reimbursed for other things, and really all I'd need to worry about is food, souvenirs and a plane ticket. And looking online tonight, the plane ticket for a Tuesday night with AAA membership was astoundingly cheap.

She is hella excited at one last hurrah. Me too.

Naturally, nothing's official yet until she gets offered the job (and we're not mentioning this to my mother yet), but...hey, it's a possibility. I have two weeks worth of time saved up, my boss has been asking when I'm going to go on vacation and I don't think she'd have a problem with me taking the start of August (first full week and a half) off, and the parents are postponing their Disneyland trip from November to May.

Dave is naturally not thrilled about this (jealous he can't come, *sniff*), but on the other hand, he can come see me before and after I leave- hell, he can crash here all he wants after Hill's out.

We shall see.

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