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Shopping Day

2007-07-06, 9:14 a.m.

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Friday, a.k.a. "Isn't it Thursday?" "No."

(This following bit is directly taken from the journal I wrote while on the trip. I have been mostly sparing you the whining bits and filling in the sketchy ones here, but this will pretty much sum things up at this point.)

I suspect everyone is mutually fed up with each other, or at least everyone split off to some degree today. The men played golf all morning, the girls laid around, and Mom and I went shopping without "Ten minutes!" and "We're ready to go now." They all went off to snorkel again in the afternoon.

(The last time I tried snorkeling on Oahu, I didn't like doing it. I got a lot of flack on this trip for not snorkeling or even wanting to try it again. I got really damn tired of hearing about the wonders of snorkeling.)

I said going into this trip that at the very minimum, I wanted to hit Hilo Hattie's and the ABC Store, and that's about what I got to see. I got a nice shirt and dress there, more flower jewelry, and another book on how to move to Hawaii. a lot of really expensive jewelry. (Honestly, I do not know how the woman manages her finances to do these things, but somehow she manages it.) She even bought me my favorite necklace there, a gold/silver/rose plumeria necklace, which cost way more than reasonable. I couldn't believe it (and indeed, even attempted to tell her she didn't have to go buy me anything just because she wanted certain things). Well, it's her money, I suppose...

At the ABC Store (Hawaiian general store) we got more cheap souvenirs such as Italian charms, flower stuff, and another version of "Men of Hawaii."

We also wandered around Kona trying to find Mom a Hawaiian dress for going out to the fancier places we were supposed to be hitting for dinner. As per the usual with this sort of thing, she was fussy and I got more clothes than she did. We even attempted trying to find a dang dress in Wal-Mart (of all places!) for cheap, but struck out. Really, Mom wanted a fitted dress and most Hawaiian dresses are not.

That night, we went to dinner at the Chinese restaurant at the Hilton. Very nice, very expensive, holy cow. Excellent waitstaff, though. We even got to take the monorail. YES, THE HILTON HAS A FREAKING MONORAIL IN IT. It's that big. (Also, boat rides.) I look forward to actually staying there sometime in the future just to check that place out some more.

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