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2009-07-06, 3:55 p.m.

Found another blue feather.

I got a 3-hour meeting scheduled during therapy time tomorrow. No therapy for me. Wah. Okay, saves me money, but still wah.

I did have one miracle happen to me though: my Palm works again! Don't ask me why having an employee of Best Buy pushing the button rather than me turned it back on again, but it did. Thank the gods I have something to fiddle with for three hours of total unending boredom and sitting still. And probably making a fool of myself again the way I seem to at every meeting now.

Speaking of therapy before this, group therapy on Saturday basically boiled down to me saying that I am tired of Mom calling me for hours a week to bitch about the following topics: (a) one person refusing to get over her ex, (b) someone at her work being irritating, (c) someone who refuses to get a job even if you held a gun to her head. Dear lord, I am tired of hearing about all of them. I have a high tolerance for ranting and listening to rants, and she has worn mine OUT. Mom was pissed off, her feelings were hurt, and she's still begging me to just suck it up and listen to her rant some more. She still doesn't get why I'm not dying to talk to her all the time if the subject matter is depressing. Gah. Got nowhere. People lecture me about boundaries, but you know what? They just don't WORK if the other person bulldozes them down and refuses to listen when you say no. How many goddamned times do we have to have the "Jen is NOT A PHONE PERSON and she is not going to be happy when you call her eight times in a day" conversation? Answer: infinite.

I wrote my resume and have finished cleaning out the collage pile. Huzzah for cleaning being done. Still haven't typed the portfolio out though.

Sewing class is not only running, it's utterly full. Sigh. Oh, and I've already found out that one chick will be missing the class where we start projects altogether. I um, don't know what to do about that.

I spent two hours in the fabric store on Friday picking stuff for class and various other summer projects. Took forever and I was exhausted afterwards, but who knows when I'm going to the store again?

I suspect we won't even get to sewing tonight, because I am making darned sure they know what they are doing (as much as possible, anyway) before they hit the fabric store.

NaNo'ing is not going great so far. I did do some work for about two days, which amounted to "piddling." I then took days and days off for 3-day weekend (though really, despite the therapy bit, wasn't too bad with the relatives. Plus, relaxing and I got two late birthday books). I should be writing it now rather than uh, this.

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