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County Fair Part 2

2014-07-06, 9:29 p.m.

On Saturday, we went back to the county fair and did NOT do shopping (okay, I didn't, Mom bought some whirligigs), but we looked at the animals and other exhibits we hadn't seen before. The science exhibits hall was very interesting, and kind of along the lines of "yet another craft area," really. There was some pretty cool stuff. I still wonder what the story is behind the wall decoration that's a bunch of otters dressed like Britney, Miley, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, and somebody from KISS. What this has to do with school or science (though I'm guessing the otter is the school mascot), I do not know.

I also saw the real life equivalent of Grandma Mazur. She saw a bunch of wooden boxes and opened one, and then her daughter started yelling at her that she wasn't supposed to open them. Grandma was all, "I didn't see a sign saying I couldn't," and the daughter was all, "You're supposed to already know that!" and Grandma was all, "How am I supposed to find out if it opens or not, then?" I restrained myself from snickering publicly, then ran off to tell Mom and Mom wanted me to point out which one she was.

We also looked at terrifying fair foodstuffs. Mom actually considered eating a fried dessert and then bailed. I told her they taste like corn dogs but with melted chocolate within and she was all, "But if I go to this booth, they said they use sweeter dough!" Uh...well, that's up to you, but I'm not doing it again. We did try the "spaghetti ice cream" and holy cow, was it EXCELLENT. Very sweet and delicious and airy ice cream. I also took pictures of the booth that offers a corn dog with a pickle inside and chocolate dipped fried, yeah, fair food be strange.

We also looked at the baby bunny rabbits, which made me want a bunny again. Not that I'm going to get one or any other pet ever, but damn, they were cute.

I did have a deep thought while Mom was off buying whirligigs for the cemetery (oh god, what a thought). The one I liked best was a huge rainbow sparkly one with a flower at the center, but I don't really have the space for a big one at my place--more like a small one. So I was trying to pick out a smaller one, but none of the smaller ones were quite like that one. They were all cute, but I didn't really care which one I got. None of them gave me the same buzz, if you will. Mom eventually got annoyed at all of this and uh, bought the rainbow one anyway. Moral of the story: it's hard to pick when you don't really want any other options....i.e. looking for other jobs and goals in life and crap like that. So now I have a giant whirligig that realistically, will probably be stolen and kind of falls over with its own weight and I probably shouldn't have gotten it, practically speaking... but it's so pretty.

After that, we went to Shakespeare in the Park nearby the fair--they were putting on Taming of the Shrew. They did a green show (i.e. like the one I'm supposedly doing in our town) called "The Taming Show" about the history of the play and its sexism issues. Pretty good stuff. I'm not sure about the play itself. I"m grateful as hell they had microphones and loud voices so I could hear the dialogue, but....let's face it, that play is not as interesting when you're stuck watching the servants chat rather than Petruchio and Kate fighting. There are a lot of dull moments to wait through though.

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