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Sunday and Monday

2015-07-06, 10:38 p.m.

Sunday: we went over to see Angelica's new house, which is pretty cute. The location is far away from everything and that would annoy me (I'm a "location location location" person, which happens when you don't drive for decades), but it's a pretty neighborhood. Then we went out to lunch for her birthday and did some shopping.

Eventually I went back home and even more eventually than that, I got together with Merry. Which may be the last time ever at the rate things are going. Her husband is now working in Portland, they're going to get a studio apartment* in a few weeks and he's staying with some other Burner in the meantime. Merry has to be out of here by the end of July and do all the work of cleaning out the crap by herself. Unfortunately I have very little time to go hang out with her--I'm booked every weeknight and almost every weekend--so.... sigh.

* which reallllllly sounds like it'll be a bad idea, but at the moment there's no other option and their property management company is willing to get them another place when they can later.

After that, I didn't sleep all night. Feh.

Monday: so my mosaic class was supposed to start today...on the day after a holiday weekend. Naturally, nobody's mentally in the swing of dealing with that. Good thing for me that I had all of the class materials I could prepped ahead of time (like printouts), just in case. I still didn't know if class was going to run or not because it was kind of on the border line. I went in there at lunch and found out that yes, it was running. And then I had a fun time trying to get boards cut for the class (the one part I couldn't do myself) because almost every manager was gone and the one in the building doesn't cut wood. I ended up begging a random volunteer in wood I didn't know to cut them, and we eventually poached some "class wood" to do it, with the permission of the glass manager when he was tracked down. So, whew. GOOD THING I WENT IN THERE TO CHECK.

Anyway, I am happy to report that everyone taking class is actually into taking class this time, which is delightful. Meg is taking it and was super excited and already completed a board and is on to another one. She and I got the idea to try some kind of collage board--putting a collage down on a board and then using the clear glass on top of it to do some kind of peekaboo thing. We'll see how that goes, we only got as far as the paper gluing by the end.

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