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2019-07-06, 10:15 p.m.

Not much to say on each individual day here:


Jean was outside her house when I was going to work, so I talked to her. Basically she had bought a bunch of tickets to go out of town because she had planned on a light rehearsal schedule, and then Laure upped all the days when everyone has to show up. She never even met Laure, this was all over the phone. The whole thing sounds very ... Laure. Oh well, I guess. We also talked about Mark’s party and I said that as far as I knew only That70’sScott and I had confirmed to go, so who knows if it is even happening? She said she’d ask.

I am so liking Hannah (current Temp hasn’t been used here so I might as well go with it). She went to UC Berkeley and is all “it’s overrated” and “everyone there is miserable all the time” and “I saw a girl crying in the library when I was on the tour, why did I still go there?” and she thinks people here seem happier. Well, the ones not in our office, anyway. Or at least outside of our office, nobody is having conspicuous public breakdowns.

I had my review today and it went about as well as could be expected, whew. More pep talks on not having to be a slave/subservient person or getting upset at being asked shit I don’t know, “you got this,” etc. Very nice, actually. At least I didn’t get “needs improvement” overall, which is the best I can hope for.


I finally got around to watching SONA, which is now online for free. I love me some Ashley Clements and I’m glad she DIY’d her own sci-fi show, but I admit I was not as into this as some other things she has been in, mostly because it’s a little vague at times and frankly, her alien husband Akira is so chill and deadpan--it doesn’t help that he’s telepathic so the man literally doesn’t speak aloud in any scene, he just voiceovers--that it’s hard to get any emotionality out of him the way that you get it out of her and I felt like the show needed him to feel like she did. Also, well, downer/cliffhanger ending, sigh.

This year Dawn and Loretta and I decided to hang out together. Dawn had us over to make cards out of her collection of papercrafting stuff. I made nine cards, three of which were incredibly obnoxiously blingy and will clearly have to be given to the right person who would appreciate hot pink/purple/gold shiny bling cards. Which is to say probably Mom. Later, we watched the fireworks from the nearest main street to Dawn’s house, which also got us a bit of the view of shows from the next town over first. This was fun, but dear lord, it took a long time to drive back to my house (the fireworks go off in my neighborhood) afterwards.

In other news, Dawn mentioned “my favorite Jeffrey Dahmer joke,” which made me go, “Wait, not only do you HAVE a Jeffrey Dahmer joke, you have a FAVORITE of them?” I didn’t write it down at the time, but it was something like, “Jeffrey Dahmer had some people over for dinner. They said “we don’t like your neighbors” and he said “have the vegetables.” The next day, she sent us a list of websites that feature Jeffrey Dahmer jokes and then told us her new favorite: “When the police raided Dahmer's house they found him sitting by the fridge singing "My bologna has a first name..."


As usual, short staffed again on a post holiday weekend and I very nearly had to answer the phones. Thank gawd enough people still showed up to do that. Also, the day was relatively slow because most of the offices I deal with closed for the day so that really cut down on how much work I got sent. Whew. An actual quiet day here.

I drove to Mom’s early this night (haven’t done that in ages) and we went out for pizza.


I got my hair done today! It’s even more blonded up to play Audrey, It’s almost kinda platinum blonde, which is normally not a level of blonde I do, but fits the part at least.

I went to the county fair and it was very nice. I restrained myself from buying anything. We ate pineapple with chicken mixed in for dinner.

Tonight we saw Newsies, which was a play I actively did not want to see (the name alone makes it sound way too cutesy) but actually was all right. Not gonna be my world’s favorite and no songs are memorable, but it was alright and the plot is pretty reasonable. It’s about how newsboys circa 1899 had to buy their own newspapers and then sell them for 50% markup and then all the newspaper publishers raised their prices and the kids went on strike. In the play (not the movie, I guess) there is a reporter named Katherine who is on their side and writes about it and it turns out she is Pulitzer’s daughter and working for a rival paper (and enlists other newspaper heirs in helping). Eventually the strike ends when the publishers don’t lower the price but do allow the newsies to sell back the unsold merchandise. Happy ending? I guess? That is what happened IRL though. Not sure how it’s gonna work when Pulitzer’s daughter is now dating a newsboy, so good luck with that, but they were fun, especially during the kissing scenes when she went after him despite being shorter than him. Hah.

There are also a lot of dudes doing ballet. Lots of that.

There is also a character with a bad leg who is literally called “Crutchie,” which made me think, “Are you fucking kidding me? He has no given name? You literally call him after his tool?” and then my brain was all, “Yeah, there are so many dirty jokes you could make from that last statement.” I’m surprised the PC police haven’t gone after this one yet.

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