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Bad News Day and Hamilton Watching

2020-07-06, 8:25 p.m.

Coworker Sarah got the job. Of course. That's all I have to say about work today. Murphy's Law wins again. I am happy she can say "piss off" to grandboss and that she's taking care of her, but... yeah, I knew this was going to happen. And of course there is NO NEWS WHATSOEVER about hiring.

The swelling on my beestung foot is starting to finally go down, but still not enough to do walking exercise around my house, apparently (tried it).

My mother has gone to the dentist today and sent photos of the extreme plastic wrapping they had going on there.

I heard something incredibly disturbing and depressing today: on the Feminist Survival Project, it was revealed that Amelia got COVID-19. She said she had been extremely careful, but ended up letting her guard down one day when she went to rescue a kid in need who was stranded on the highway, forgot and took off her mask. Because she's not used to regarding this kid as a threat. She talked about people letting their guard down and forgetting and getting too close to people and shaking hands and things like that.

See, THIS IS WHY I DON'T WANT TO SEE ANYBODY, SERIOUSLY, THIS IS WHY. Because treating someone like they have The Cooties is awful and horrible and psychologically traumatizing and absolutely necessary, and if you relax and let your guard down for a fucking second, you may get too close and get the cooties. Added fun bonus: apparently you need to wait until you've had 3 days of symptoms before you will show up as having a positive result because false negatives are THAT bad. And you have to have symptoms (note: I'm watching this and the guy is all "I got tested right away after going to a protest" and I'm all "oh shit" now.) to have it show up, so it won't register if you're asymptomatic like the kid Amelia got it from. Also, if you've somehow managed to not notice that there are more than three official symptoms of it like Amelia did: hint: ANY UNWELLNESS AT ALL IS PROBABLY COVID. This is a public service announcement. Also, this is why you need to constantly be reading the news even if it fucks with your head. YOU MUST BE AWARE AT ALL TIMES ABOUT WHATEVER NEW HORRIBLE SHIT IS HAPPENING.

Oh, and speaking of: this poor bastard. I feel like this is kind of the worst COVID story I've ever seen of getting extremely fucking worse and then eventually dying. His wife was clearly updating the media because this guy would come up in my newsfeed every 2-3 days and every time it was worse and worse and I couldn't help but think there was no way he was going to be able to recover from all that.

Oh, and international students aren't allowed to study online any more. Welp, there goes literally any hope of colleges closing. We can't lose that sweet Chinese cash.

Because I am writing entries on these days and I have nothing else to say about my day, let's write down thoughts I had while watching Hamilton, fancy movie/play version. This time I'll restrain myself to visuals instead of commenting on plot details or lyrics or whatever the hell else I'm sure I obsessed on in 2015.

* I'm amused by the table dancing of the bros in "My Shot."
* I like Hercules Mulligan's giant magnificent green coat.. And I get the feeling he's checking Hamilton out.
* Ditto Laurens, but I expected that.
* And I like how Mulligan flashes his thigh at "I think your pants look hot."
* I was surprised at how the ladies (by which I mean the sisters) can be seen in the balconies even in scenes that they're not really in? I recognize that dress, Eliza.
* I like that Peggy seems to be doing more in this show than you'd think from the soundtrack. I enjoy her pouty face upon her entrance.
* Burr's come-on is even worse IRL. Angelica is leaning back SO FAR it's amazing she doesn't fall over. Dude, if a girl moves THAT FAR BACK from you, bug OFF.
* I continue to be amused that only the English/English-sympathizing dudes are white in this.
* I love Hamilton's shenanigans in "Farmer Refuted" by the blocking with Seabury.
* King George: so there's that walk Beyonce liked so much.
* I keep staring at the little doodads shaking on his crown.
* Yes, Groffsauce is a literal spitter. Like, I don't know how he got rid of the drool on his chin there somehow.
* I do like his little shoulder shimmy.
* I don't like when they do a brief head shot of Washington from behind at his entrance. It's just weird. I wouldn't have shot it and I would have cut it.
* So Washington is just as low energy as he sounded on the soundtrack when Burr was in. Burr is quite a manspreader there.
* Angelica leans back again on "I'll leave you to it!"
* Nice dirty knee dance there upon your engagement, Hamilton.
* Eliza is concerned at "Angelica tried to take a bite of me."
* I like how Eliza is overwhelmed with people delivering letters to her and then everything turns into a swirling wedding.
* The wedding march!
** Angelica is giving kind of an askance face to Laurens, like he was making a move or something?
** Likewise, Lafayette appears to have freaked Peggy out, she's looking bug-eyed.
** Hercules Mulligan, FLOWER GIRL!
* Yes, Laurens is HELLA DRUNK.
* I like how Angelica grabs Peggy and pulls her to her side in the toast.
* Of course the rewind staging is cool.
* On the rewind, she sounds more upset at "My sister."
* That tacky knees man swing dance never grows old.
* "You are the worst, Burr," hee.
* Laurens is OOGY, as is Mulligan, when they are all over Burr about his secret woman. I always figured Laurens was gay, but now I'm wondering about Mulligan.
* The Bullet! She misses...for now.
* Oh look, there's Eliza reading a letter in the back.
* I think I expected Eliza to actually look pregnant in that scene, like they stuffed a pillow up her dress or something. Nope.
* I enjoy Lafayette's bounciness on the table.
* I was expecting a longer scream at "Immigrants, we get the job done." Methinks they trimmed it a bit?
* I used to enjoy the phrase "the world turned upside down" (I have it on my Ham Sampler (crosstitch) Platter), but now that's it's actually happened, HELL MOTHERFUCKER NO, incidentally.
* I love Mulligan's last moment in the show. I always felt sorry for Oak because he plays SUCH a fun guy in the first act and then the least fun guy in Act Two. Everyone else switching roles either has someone comparably showy or even more showy, in the case of Peggy/Maria.
* My, King George has dressed down since we last saw him. No cape? Is that because he lost? That's practically the equivalent of sweatpants for him, isn't it?
* "I'm so blue" (lighting changes) Hahahahahah.
* I do love how he suddenly goes all Californian out of nowhere on "Awesome. Wow."
* Then he just like, gives up and walks out?
* Burr looks lovely in purple.
* Ah, the one scene not on the soundtrack. It's so awkward how Hamilton just segues from this into the last number being all seems weird and off.
* "As you know, John dreamed of emancipating..." Yeah, that's awkward too.
* Hamilton slumps, sulks and pouts when told to sit down.
* And his little prance on "I was chosen for the constitutional convention!"
* Angelica breaks the news that she's getting married. Oh, the devastation.It lasts a long time, and then his wife is looking for a fraction of his time...
* It just occurred to me that it would have been interesting if Oak was snuck out at Madison at this point, but they do not do that. They just have empty chairs.
* "How do you write like you're running out of time?" Capricorns, man. Just saying.
* Hamilton is all casual about "treasury or state?" then grins on "Let's go!"
* "I am not throwing away my shot!" is directed at his ladies, throwing their hands off him. Ouch!

Act 2;

* Oh, Jefferson's "who, little ol' me?" face in his entrance!
* It amuses me NO END that this Jefferson is like the dead opposite of the original. Like Original Jefferson would HATE THIS SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. Well, for lots of obvious reasons, but mostly because this Jefferson is a complete showboat and Original Recipe was shy and in his later years, a shitty dresser.
* "I gotta go" face is funny.
* Hi Sally Hemings!
* That screeching pink suit amuses me no end throughout the whole thing.
* Again, I feel so sorry for Oak playing Mr. Boring in this act compared to everyone else.
* DON'T SHAKE THE HAND OF SOMEONE WHO'S SNEEZING!!!!!!! ....goddamned 2020 ruins everything
* Is that some kind of weird limp with that cane?
* Just these first few minutes makes me go, "How the fuck are these two guys friends? I get that they have the same politics, but good god, they don't match otherwise.
* I love how Hamilton just horns in front of Washington and then Jefferson makes "did you SEE THIS GUY?" face.
* Literally these are the only Cabinet meetings anyone would EVER want to go to. Look at Hamilton jumping up and down to hype it.
* I find it ironic that Jefferson claims Virginia's debts are paid. Jefferson was TERRIBLE with money, spent it constantly, died in debt. THIS IS NOT THE GUY WHO KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT MONEY. And that's why he's Secretary of State. "Too many damn pages to understand," indeed.
* I love how Jefferson drops the mic for Madison to catch.
* "Thomas, that was a real nice declaration" is as nice as these two guys get.
* Then Hamilton prances around doing "whatever the hell it is you do in Monticello." I always assumed he was acting out a bong.
* Oh, there's the pantomiming of weed.
* That is quite some leg action, there.
* You threaten to literally kick Madison's ass and then wonder why he doesn't like you? HMMMMMMM.
* During the line, "I imagine they'll call for your removal," there's some random guy standing off to the side in the light looking Very Awkward overhearing this.
* Uh, yes, that is a full grown man playing a 9 year old at a mini piano. That's... I don't even know. I assumed originally hearing the soundtrack that they actually got a kid for that. Nope.
* Is it me, or does Eliza kind of have a light green dress (or maybe it's the lighting) to match Hamilton's dark green? She's usually either in teal or green.
* Phillip is so awkward and stiff.
* So silly, that kid.
* The infamous "comma sexting!"
* Seriously I'd wring his damn neck if I came across an ocean to see you and you were a damn workaholic.
* No "and Peggy." I assume she's dead by now?
* Not that Hamilton needed another enemy in this. but sometimes I think the potential of Adams/Hamilton fighting actively could have been a hoot.
* It is slightly weird to see Alexander kinda get it on with his other sister-in-law, sorta.
* I love Maria's dress, especially the lacing on the front.
* No, she's not acting out the leg-spreading.
* James Reynolds is seriously dressed like a 1700's COWBOY. What the hell with that?
* "'Sup?" Really? Sup?
* Hamilton's "smile more" actout is a hoot.
* How do we best describe "The Room Where It Happens?" "Burr gets all pissed off because he wasn't invited to a dinner party."
* Burr runs around like a kid and then puts his feet up on the table.
* Someone pulls the tablecloth off in a split second while Burr is jumping. Wow.
* VERY manspread at the end of that song.
* I find it telling that the lighting on Burr's black suit makes his look Hamilton's.
* Is Eliza in her nightie?
* Again, Madison used as a backup. "France."
* Hamilton jumps around, fakes a decapitated head in a basket and then acts out the head. Nice and hammy!
* Note in Act 2: the guys with long hair having it all hang out, the bald guys dispense with their hats.
* "Did you forget Lafayette?" is fun when it's said by the same guy, in a sense. How did Lafayette get along with both of these guys, anyway? Probably because they were on different continents.
* Here's a thing I didn't realize from soundtrack only: the beginning of "Washington On Your Side" is BURR talking to Jefferson, not Madison. Burr's so quiet in there I thought he was Madison.
* "The way he primps and preens and dresses like the pits of fashion:" HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR OWN OUTFIT AND DEPORTMENT, SIR? YOU ARE EVEN WORSE. And Burr is just cracking the hell up at it!
* I only just noticed Jefferson's dismissive letter-passing to Washington. Ohhhh, that's where he quits.
* Hamilton is enjoying reading the letter like it's juicy.
* The whole HamFam comes out to watch George say goodbye.
* King George does his third number as Washington slowly walks off. Odd.
* He's still dressed down without a cape.
* "country" in quote marks.
* A girl comes out and whispers who the next one is. She looks amused and laughs, then gets afraid when he looks at her.
* "That little guy who spoke to me" always reminds me of the John Adams movie.
* Get me a stool so I can watch! No, move it!
* George cackles and sits down to watch.
* As Burr starts in on the Coast Guard line, King George is chair-dancing in the back. Did he do that every night?
* Hamilton drops
* "You see, that was my wife you decided to---" Jefferson: "WHAAAAAAAAAA" and runs over.
* The staging of Hurricane is very cool, especially with the chairs, and Maria Reynolds shows up again. Like the first act, Jasmine Cephus Jones is a lot more onstage than you'd think from her one song. Maria even hands him a pen from behind. HMMMM.
* Wait, Madison is the one who yells out "HIGHLIGHTS," not Jefferson?!?!
* For a show that throws flyers ALL OVER
* There's Phillip reading it.
* Angelica is VERY close to Hamilton as she's telling him off in song. It's very intimate and yet... ont. Note all the people chucking pamphlets behind like they're letters being thrown out?
* Jefferson's enthusiastic paper-chucking.
* King George returns to do an even sillier dance at this.
* "Have you read this?" Jefferson passes one to the conductor.
* Okay, at the 2 hour mark, the stage is covered in papers from the above shot. They finish chucking papers then. WITHIN THE SAME MINUTE all the extras have picked up all the papers and gotten them out of there. DAMN!
* Eliza's still in the casual nightie outfit?
* I always wondered how the "Burn" scene worked. She does appear to actually light one letter on fire with the lantern and drop it into a bucket. It does smoke, too. On the other hand, she holds up a bunch of letters and doesn't chuck them in--she appears to slip them into a secret pocket on the side instead. I guess the fire goes out quickly in there? They probably have better training than when I used to do that shit with a cauldron.
* Note that Phillip is doing the king's walk from his first number?
* And has a hat now, briefly.
* Interesting how he's complimenting women on their frocks when they are clearly wearing odd jackets, corsets, and leggings.
* There's a redheaded white lady in this show! I only just noticed that during the theater show.
* Yes, that's obnoxious to interrupt a guy during a theater show.
* Phillip does slow-mo-falling-backward-in-a-circle death VERY WELL, it's beautiful.
* Eliza is conveniently already in a black mourning dress.
* Eliza just stands there like she's a stone during "It's Quiet Uptown." Which is well deserved.
* Damn, Burr is PERKY!!!!! right here.
* He does a little "yes!!!" fist pump at the beer line.
* Meanwhile, Hamilton just kinda slowly walks in, not super giving a shit at this point.
* Here, take a flyer! What does it say, just "Vote for Burr?"
* Oh man, watching Burr's face during Hamilton's choice. He actually thinks Hamilton would pick him. He's smiling. And THEN.... he freezes the smile shrinks. The devastation in his eyes. The face. DAMN. And that's where it goes.
* Jefferson...what, takes it as his due?! WTF?
* No hand shaking here.
* I love how Hamilton has "thirty years of disagreements" and the extras keep passing him the letter pages over and over, and the last one does it in ballet and then laughs at him.
* I guess that is Eliza's actual nightie?
* Why am I preoccupied with that?
* Note that the actor playing Charles Lee (who Burr was second to in "The Ten Duel Commandments") is now playing his second in this duel. Same actor as the doctor too.
* If you're "a terrible shot" (which he wasn't), why would you decide to duel? THINK THAT SHIT OUT BEFOREHAND, BURR. Ditto "this man will not make an orphan of my daughter."
* The Bullet! I thought she was just supposed to keep traveling at slo-mo during the slow-down scene, but I guess not.
* Nice "rowing" of the guys on the ground there.
* Again, Jefferson is terrible with money.
* Oh, Eliza's final shot.

Also, at some point--I can't recall where it was on my second watching--someone is randomly doing an arabesque in a crowd scene where everyone else was standing around. That was odd.

Anyway, now I've finally seen it. I confess I'm not as excited about it now as I would have been earlier in my life (this sums up why: it’s been years), but I'm satisfied. It's that kind of year, even finally seeing Hamilton isn't quite as much of a buzz as I would have expected. But still good, and satisfying to see. Yay for Mom buying it.

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