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Summon the Keepers

2003-07-07, 2:19 p.m.

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(Yes, this is more ripping off from the LJ. I felt the need to elaborate a bit...)

Okay, so I'm a dork. I admit it.

It's kind of ironic considering that normally I am not into fan fiction. I am a stickler for canon for one thing, and for another it seems like most fanfiction is just an excuse to write sex scenes/slash for your favorite characters, and while that's funny, it also gets old.

However, I am somehow infinitely tickled by the Sunnydale Socks. This is kind of a online role playing game/performance art thing in which the major players of Buffy and Angel all have Live Journals and read and comment on each other's. While it does have its weird things (half the dead characters got their own writing-from-heaven-or-hell journal, and for some reason the Charmed cast is also mixed up with them), the characters are really nailed down for the most part and are funny. Plus, it's like I still get to watch Buffy as the plot goes on (they have currently moved to Cleveland to fight evil).

I have been thinking that doing something like this could be quite fun. However, the Socks really seem too booked up with people as is. Mar suggested some other groups looking for people, but then I got this idea...

Why not do my own?

The idea I've got is really good, actually, except for one problem: it's based off of a book series that I doubt most people have even read. It's certainly not Harry Potter (there's like what, ten RPG's out there of that?) popularitywise. I assume that getting people that would be interested in doing it and that would actually, like, read the books ("reading is hard, man!") would be very difficult. I have my extreme doubts this could even get off the ground.

But what the heck.

My idea is to base the RPG off of the Keeper's Chronicles by Tanya Huff. Here's the books so far:

* Summon the Keeper

* The Second Summoning

* Long Hot Summoning

The series takes place in Canada (mostly Kingston), and features a group of people descended from Lilith, known as "The Lineage." Those of the Lineage have the ability to use magic, patch holes in the fabric of the universe, alter the possibilities that are out there, travel into the Otherside... it's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. The books so far have featured things like closing holes to Hell, dealing with angels and devils, and saving a shopping mall. Keepers are the more powerful ones of the Lineage, Cousins are the less powerful. Cousins monitor and mitigate "accident sites" (holes in the fabric), Keepers try to seal them up or block them. Vampires, Greek gods, dwarves, ghosts, mummies, angels, demons, etc., etc. also show up from time.

Not only is the series fun and filled with snark, it's great for an RPG. It gives almost any player the ability to do something magical, people can do their own thing or mingle with others, as they so desire, there's lots of room for non-canon characters to join in, and the plot possibilities are ENDLESS...

Much to my amazement, there are two people who have some interest in this. *faint* *thud* What I think I'm going to do is reread the books again and then write up some specs/rules/canon character profiles and slap them up on Sweet Disorder somewhere, then go around soliciting to see who might be interested. I doubt I'd get this off the ground before say, my theoretical vacation, but what the heck.

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