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Chocolate Raisins

2004-07-08, 9:00 p.m.

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I think I am starting to hate knitting, and I haven't even started yet.

Did a dumb thing yesterday- couldn't find my packs of needles and most of my yarn at home, so I assumed I'd left them in my locker at the CC. Turns out that ahem, I didn't. So I went to class without the needles or most of the yarn I needed for the project I was going to start (a fuzzy vest). I did, however, have the ribbon yarn and patterns for both projects, and the superhuge needles I bought for the ribbon yarn tank top. I don't know why a tank top needs size 17 needles (this worked out that I bought them, though, because when I found my needle packs it turns out I only had sizes 8-15), but they're freaking huge to use with tiny yarn and I can't even get enough for a gauge going so far.

However, I didn't do much actual knitting in class, because I had to sit there and wind the yarn into balls with this ball winder and "umbrella." I managed to hopelessly tangle the yarn on 2 out of 5 skeins I had on me. Whee. That'll be a bitch to mess with on my own time. When I got out of class, Jess picked me up to go rock climbing and I said, "I think I hate knitting today." She said, "I think I hate knitting all the time."

The rock climbing gym was pretty packed for some mysterious reason that night, but I still managed to go up a wall about four times, attempt to "boulder" (i.e. climb around on a low level without ropes), and played "follow the leader" with Jess's older son, who's visiting for awhile.

Weirdly enough, my old roommate Sarah's ex-boyfriend Alex was there. I actually ran into him a few days ago at Fahrenheit 9/11, but both of us I think were too embarrassed to say hi and fess up to our respective breakups since we'd last saw each other. At the rock-climbing gym, this was even worse, and I don't think either of us got up the nerve to acknowledge. He looked over at me one time when I was (completely coincidentally) looking at one of the kids, and I felt kinda bad. I hate it when years go by and it's easier to just ignore the person you know rather than trying to connect when there's so much water under the bridge. Plus it's embarrassing.

Anyway, after awhile Jess's husband said he'd watch the kids if we wanted to take off and get food and go yak for awhile. Which we did- we went to Murder/Redrum Burger for fries while Jess told me all the disasters that have gone on in her life lately. I will summarize them as:

(a) she was the maid of honor for a flaky bride and ended up planning pretty much the entire wedding and shower, while the bride made decisions at the last minute and flaked around. At least Jess got some free booze out of the deal from cleaning up.

(b) Much like the time I stayed in Jeremy and Nikki's skanky-ass apartment, Jess had to spend the Fourth of July weekend in Mike's nasty-ass childhood ranch home in the middle of nowhere. Nobody actually lives in it any more, but for some reason his mother wanted to go there for the weekend. The place had no hot water, holes in the floor, where there wasn't holes was covered in rat doody and trash, and Jess couldn't sleep through the rats, crickets, and her mother-in-law's snoring (which was pretty akin to dad's). Yet, they tried to clean it up because they thought his mom wanted to retire there. As it turns out, she had no intention of doing so, she just wanted the place saved because she thought Mike would want it. Once that was clarified, they were both "screw it, just leave it unimproved."

Jess described the situation as a "chocolate raisin." To translate this, she likes chocolate and he likes raisins, so they would buy CR's for each other. As it turned out...neither of them actually LIKES CR's.

That seems like a pretty good description of that kind of situation, I think.

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