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2016-07-08, 6:30 p.m.

Well. It's been a long week for everybody, eh? I'm just gonna focus on work (mostly).

So this was my first week All Alone, Naturally. I am happy to report that very few people have sent in work for me to do AND nobody's had any "I've screwed up a thousand records and I'm gonna make YOU fix it" moments, so it's been quite manageable.

I now have two supervisors, more or less: the usual one and the one I'm now technically under but won't really be doing full time for until the fall. I'll have to go with Boss A and Boss B for the moment. Anyway, Boss A has now hired two temps (newest one starts next week) and two other folks have been recruited to help me out on the Big Seasonal Project. I did training for most of them (except the new one) today and it went great.

Officer of the Day has worked out great for me because I've hardly gotten any questions at all. They're generally saving them for my other coworker who supervises them, ahem. So I'm getting a lot done. Huzzah!

On the other hand, I found out today that my remaining group coworker that went out for surgery is going to be out probably at least until September now...and someone told me that she'd told them she needed ANOTHER surgery and she'll probably be out oh, the rest of 2016. I am mentally all, "well, that @#@$%$@ figures." I told Boss B this (I've been warning him that if anyone left got sick...) and he was all, "well, too bad, when I get you, I get you, they're gonna have to figure that out." I kinda like when Boss B has those very slight moments of evil like that. However, since I will literally be the only one in the office trained to do that stuff...I wouldn't be surprised if his supervisor overruled him on that if it's that much of an emergency. Which it is. We're going to be down to TWO when someone goes on vacation in August and I've already had my going to training privileges revoked because of that. But oh well, sounded like they weren't doing much beyond filling out a 128-page questionnaire or something.

Meanwhile, The Office Shuffle has given me new officemates--the one that starts next week and the one that I've mentioned is getting all the questions. We've been having fun talking, I've passed on some info to her she could use, etc. She is very blunt and honest about things, which has been interesting. Like she's really annoyed at the tight configuration of this room we're in. What's also been amusing is that the folks in the office across the hall...well, I've now heard commentary from almost all of them (except the new girl) about how that goes. I'll just say I think they're all generally annoyed at the others talking too much and I'm finding that very funny. It pretty much happens everywhere....

Anyway, I'm less drained than I thought I would be--less direct customer service = happy me--but the interpersonal dramz has been interesting this week. On top of the short staffing 2 out of the 3 main managers have been out--one's on vacation and the other has a sick kid and who knows when she'll be back. Boss A, the lone survivor, is all "I just can't take a vacation this year, the only day I'm taking off all year is my birthday." Yup. Everyone else who wants to use a vacation is...well, I won't say, but at this level of's not good.

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