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2019-07-08, 1:03 p.m.

Let’s see if I can figure out my scribbled notes from rehearsal to recap the fun bits...We have kind of a lot of down time in between our scenes, so there’s a lot of snark.

Laure commented that Jim and I dress similarly, and I told her and everyone else that Redhead Sarah had called us “rainbow fuckers.” Cameron was all, “you know that’s gonna be on your tombstone now.” I am just fine with that. I was not in a rainbow outfit that day (teal) but said I’d come up with a rainbow outfit tomorrow. Which I am now doing on Tuesdays anyway (“on Tuesdays we wear rainbow,” apparently) for the karaoke crowd, so what the heck.

“I think I want everyone off book next week.” -Laure
“Thinking. Good. Got the thought.” -Cory

“I am the Dread Pirate Roberts.” -Cameron

“I’m always a dult, but I’m not adult.” -Cory

“The Evil Sibling Club has met up.” -Cameron on the Oliver/Evil Duchess scene. Then she and I proceeded to reminisce about Patricia Wrede’s dragon series and the Evil Stepmother’s Traveling, Drinking and Debating Society, Evil Uncle’s Auxiliary Division. Or whatever it’s called, it’s been awhile.

Someone folded a paper airplane and was throwing it around, so Cameron and I went on about how we suck at origami. “It seems like it should be easier than it is,” I said, and she replied “Story of my life, really.” Amen, sister.

Laure was actually giving direction tonight on my second scene--she wants me to stomp off in a huff (cool), then on the line “marry thee” line, suddenly look at the audience and smile. Okay then. Also, she said that Oliver Martext should reek of booze and we should notice that when he walks by.

We are continuing to skip rehearsing the song that Isadora and I are supposed to do, as Laure said she doesn’t like the Shakespeare song and wants to do something else. Well, I don’t like the song either so that’s fine, I guess... I have no idea what is going to go on with that.

Scott filled in as Silvius tonight because Brian had to work late, and was forced to do most of that on his knees.

Blonde Sarah on Phebe: “I’m having a hard time being so malicious.” Hear, hear.

“Don’t tell a stalker where you live.” -me commenting on how Rosalind is all “Yeah, I totally don’t like you, Phebe, but I live in that cottage over there.”

“I wanted you to notice my artistic virtuosity.” -Shelly found a Christmas themed pencil in the building and was having fun with that. Christmas in July came up in is that time in Hallmark.

“I should know better not to argue.” -Cameron
“About what?” -me
“Anything, really. I was raised by lawyers.” -Cameron

“Do you know how to stage fall? There you go!” -Cory to Brian (who came in later)
“But not in a faint.” -Laure

We also came up with a new game to amuse ourselves when not in scenes this evening: have Scott do various lines from the play but in different celebrity voices, such as Nicolas Cage and Joe Pesci and Kramer and Liam Neeson.
“I live to make people clap like a little monkey.” -Scott

“All the men are stupid in this, my own father doesn’t recognize me.” -Cameron

“Just put a leash on Silvius and be done with it.” -Scott
“Someone has probably made that version.” -me. This of course led to the porn version of this show that probably exists, “As He Likes It.”

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