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Waimea Canyon

2007-07-09, 11:31 a.m.

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In the morning, we drove around Waimea Canyon, the greener version of the Grand.

Just check out the blue of that sky. That is NOT Photoshopped, folks. The clouds were so close by you could almost touch them. SO pretty. We also saw the wettest spot on earth, but it was only sprinkling at the time. We also saw nene crossing. Nothing quite like a Hawaii traffic jam caused by stopping for nene geese.

(More photos of Waimea start here.)

We only had one car here since we had five people (problem!), and one of the few times we got the car for an hour or so was in the afternoon, while they went off to a nearby beach (for a change). This was kind of annoying because we were together almost all of the time, and if I couldn't convince those in charge to go somewhere (say, this place), I was SOL for seeing things.

My shrink had said the bead stores on Kauai were great, and I had managed to spot one over in nearby Koloa. So we went there, and I got $50 worth of flower beads- plumerias and handcrafted clay roses mostly. After that, we hit the next store over, which was a nifty T-shirt shop and had a lot of amusing slogans (which start here.) I also finally found Mom a Hawaiian dress with darts in it there.

Who knew life in paradise was so tough?

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