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2019-07-09, 1:06 p.m.

There was some vague mention of the word “6:30” that Laure mentioned with no explanation yesterday, which I assumed was for other people or something since she didn’t tell everyone anything about it. I came in around 6:45 and found out that OH, WE ARE DOING PUBLICITY SHOTS IN COSTUME TODAY and I don’t have mine with me since nobody ever mentioned this was happening to me. I assumed it was mentioned when they did costume time for other people but I’m not even sure that happened when I asked others about it.

I was polite about it, but this was going through my head. O n repeat.

I said I’d not be in the shots, but Germaine found me an outfit to wear, so that was very nice of her. We had to pose on the outdoor stage in groups of “court” vs “rustics” and discovered that hoo boy, that stage needs fixing because the stairs are falling in and Jim generally refuses to wear shoes. Jim was not there today so I had to pose snuggling on Valentin, and I discovered that he is ticklish around the neck. I should probably clarify that Valentin has a long blonde mullet thing going on with his hair (he usually hides it in shows as far as I know) and I was all, “then how does your hair not set that off?”

After that was over, I also showed my rainbow outfit to Laure, who clearly had forgotten all that shit. Oh, whatever. (Also, Jim wasn’t even there that day to match, darn it.)

Laurel found my sunglasses in her car, thank goodness!

I’m not sure where our chairs are disappearing to, but we seem to be short on chairs in the building. Hence this conversation:

“Would you like a chair?” -Chris
“Yes, I’m being high maintenance.” -Sarah
“For wanting to sit in a chair?” -me
“Why don’t you just pace like other people?” -Cody

“I’m Shakespeare, I’ll be here all week.” -Shelly

“I’ve changed Shakespeare a lot.” -Germaine
“I noticed! I have more lines now!” -me
“Me too!” -Laurel
“I have less!” -Valentin

“Who would come up with this idea?” -me on Phebe agreeing to marrying Silvius
“There’s not a lot of options.” -Sarah
“Sheep looking REAL good.” -Brian
“Sheep, just can’t make that work.” --Sarah

“He’s been in the forest too long.” -Laure on William, followed by another comment about sheep I was unable to recall or write down.

“Think about it, think about it...Is your name William?” -Laure directing Valentin

Since Jim wasn’t in, Cody filled in as Touchstone and was obviously loving every bit of it, and also literally took off his shoes to do the scenes. I thnk we need to have some kind of role swap later in which Cody does Touchstone, I do Phebe, and everyone else fights it out to play Jaques. But in the last scene, almost everyone else was occupied so poor Valentin had to be dragged in to play Touchstone and he was not into this At All, since that’s the most difficult of Touchstone’s lines to boot. “Oh, you gotta be kidding me,” he muttered.

I was amused during the scene with the page in which Isadora the page sasses Touchstone back--now Touchstone is actively scared of her in the direction. I was all, “You just did to him what he did to William.”

“Laziest vows ever. He could use that as an excuse to leave his wife, we don’t say “I do.” -Me on the wedding scene.

“You’re just using me as your boy toy.” -Valentin to me, accurate

“I’m trying to remember how to twerk right now.” -Valentin on the last scene when we’re supposed to dance.

“He’s gonna get drunk on something, I dunno.” -Laure on Jaques.

“You’re super duper loving forever slut.” -Laure to me. (??????)

“I gotta come up with a weird pet name for every show.” ---Brian
“Cookie Crumble.” -Valentin (more on this later...)

“At least you’re not a sheep.” -Brian

(As Cody is being traumatized in a corner:) “What’s wrong, cookie crumbles?” -Valentin

“So I get the sheep.” -Phil

As for karaoke: we got a good crowd tonight. Tried to invite Blonde Sarah (early work tomorrow) and Laurel (already booked but still chatted after) but ended up having a conversation in the parking lot before leaving and Jeff the photographer was hanging around sounding intrigued yet ambivalent about the idea. I was all “you can if you want to, up to you” and then we all headed out, but he did show up later.

Conversation we had during this time:
“To know me is to love me.” -Jeff
“To know me is to have mixed emotions.” -Scott
“To know me is to say, she’s so fucking weeeeeird.” -me
“So weird you put it on a little card.” -Scott

So we had Redhead Sarah (no date with her this week), Janene, Robert, Zach, Brian, Manny, Jeff, Scott and me. Fun group but kind of hard to get into conversations when there’s a lot of them. I had to go down to the other end of the table to talk to folks at times (“hey Robert, I found a Beatles medley on here...”)

At one point I got asked about my wearing glasses, I said I wasn’t going to have them on during the play, and then got asked how I was going to see.“Since I’m not reading signs on the freeway here, should be fine.” And then the guys were trying on my glasses to see how that worked. Scott said he had contacts on (can’t tell, seriously) and with those he has 20/20 and that my right eye is worse than my left. The other guys agreed and I was all, “well, I can’t tell....” Weird info to find out there. Guess it’s good I’m left eye dominant, I guess?

A lady named Toni I hadn’t really met before came over to tell Scott and Manny (and me by default since I was by them, I guess) about the time she was at a con and dragging her new husband around in costume making snarky comments about people...and then spotting her husband taking photos somewhere else. She tried to disconnect from the fellow and he wouldn’t let go....This sounds like it’d end badly, but it turned out she’d grabbed the guy who played Q! Hilarious!

Quote from Pyrate Matthew on karaoke at the end of the night: “If you can’t be good, be good at it.” True dat. I did “King of Wishful Thinking,” which was a song I don’t think anyone but Jeff had heard of, so I had to explain to people it was from Pretty Woman. Robert wanted to do a group number of “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends,” so most of us did that one together. After this, Badger (of all people) came over at the end of the night and was all, “we should all do more group numbers so more people can get in” and put his arm around me and I was all, waitaminute, since when are we buddies now? Just now, I guess....? Weird.

I guess I should possibly be concerned that my weirdo magnet light is going on again....

Afterwards, it was another late nighter, as Scott and Jeff and I ended up being outside chatting until nearly 1:30 a.m. Topics included science fiction reading, meeting famous authors, la la la personal traumas like why it took me so long to drive and why exactly work sucks (again, how do these things come out of my mouth and we can’t blame it on alcohol...), stuff involving cameras that the guys know about and I did not, the issues with businesses in this town and parking, etc. That last one was after the guys walked me to my car farther down the street and then kept going talking.

Jeff made some comment about how I must be pretty bored and I was all no, not really. Actual answer I didn’t say was (a) actually I do find it interesting since it involves a crafting business and when you hang around this town long enough somehow I am getting into this topic in general when I know folks involved, (b) I have heard Scott rant on that topic before and I’m fine with that, and (c) hey, at least I understand that stuff, as opposed to things with cameras which whoosh over my head like Douglas Adams’s deadlines for the most part. Not saying that last bit around dudes though, don’t want to sound like a totally dumb girl with no tech knowledge.

Anyway....that was a blast. Karaoke forever.

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