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A Good Weekend.

2005-07-10, 3:38 p.m.

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For once, I had a lovely weekend.

(a) Oyster Egg Day in KoL was yesterday. To explain this one, it's the Easter-equivalent holiday where one goes around finding magical eggs. I had thought it was going to be a once-a-year event, and I missed the last one because, well, it was on Easter and I was with the family and not allowed on a computer. However, the game's creator has a different calendar system for the game where the months are shorter, and now he has holidays like Halloween, the Feast of Boris (Thanksgiving), and St. Sneaky Pete's Day (St. Patrick's Day) happening every 90 days or something like that. And he did the same to Oyster Egg Day. So, yay! I have eggs!

(b) I started a new knitting project, which I yammered on about over here.

(c) I went back to my dance class (the one that got canceled last quarter). Which he has supposedly revamped to be the same as his weekday noon-to-one class (i.e. just workout, no dancing, since nobody ever wanted to do THAT for a freaking dance class). And yet, he reserved the dance room for nearly three hours, and class went for the entire time he reserved it for. I'm not sure how THAT works out... but anyway, I'm back at it. Yay.

(d) I went to see The King and I with Denise last night, since I hadn't seen it before. To be honest, I thought it was kind of dumb in a lot of ways, but I liked the whole Anna/King relationship. I guess that's why people watch it. I thought it was interesting that the last show I saw with Denise was Cambodian dance and they had a LOT of that style in this show, particularly the "Small House of Uncle Thomas Ballet" scene.

(e) And after that, drinking and clubbing with Heather and Chris and Brian the neighbor's girlfriend Lindsay (Brian was not having a good day and got told to go elsewhere and blow off steam!). I ended up dancing with some Swedish dude at some point. Couldn't hear a goddamn thing he said, but he seemed polite. Which is good, and beats my usual record of "the only guys that come up to me are scary stalkers who hump me on the dance floor."

(f) And after that, we went home and got pleasantly drunk and had a marvelous time, thank you. I need to do that more often, and I will miss that when I can't do it any more.

Though I did end up having to explain to Chris at one point why I'm not dating. He pretty much bingoed the way everyone else does about it *sigh* Why everyone on the planet seems to think I need a new boyfriend yesterday, I don't fucking know. I mean, jesus, if I were a dude and knew my situation, I wouldn't date me right now.

(g) As for today, I got a lot of cleaning done. I put all of the dishes I don't want that are presumably someone else's into boxes with a "Free" sign on them and dumped them in the hall. I'll let Heather take a look at them before I stick them outside for whoever takes free stuff of the street. I have a bag of "dishes too nasty to deal with" to throw away. I got all of the boxes filling up my counter space out of there (to the "Free" pile), and did a lot more dishes. I almost have one of the three largest dish boxes CLEANED OUT. I ran out of space to wash them all, but that is almost done. Wowee.

It's very freeing to be able to just throw someone else's stuff out without being nice and letting them go through it and taking nice care of it and stuff like that. Hah.

And now, I'm off to the gym.

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