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Half Moon Bay

2016-07-10, 7:49 p.m.

So I did not go to my improv 301 2.0 performance, which was supposed to be this weekend. Turned out we already had theater tickets for that night bought months in advance and located way too far away to do both shows, and my saying, “Hey, could we switch weekends?” went over poorly because it turned out Mom had already booked herself for the other weekend the show is running. Anyway....given how poorly this class has been going, I kinda somewhat didn’t want to go because this was going to be painful, and I didn’t even want to invite anyone to see it this time. I feel bad for not going because it was probably even worse without me there, but....

(I'm still working on typing up improv notes. I have so many writing projects going on and not that much time to get them worked on at the moment.)

Eh. Anyway, I didn’t go, I saw Shrek: The Musical instead and it was pretty good and well done. I’m not sure why Fiona has a song singing with past versions of herself, but I did like how they finally explained why Farquaad was so short--turns out his dad was a dwarf, which makes you go, “dude, why you so against fairytale creatures because you’re one?” They have the guy playing him doing it on his knees, which must have hurt, but he played it very well. They generally made it work, so good for them.

I had pretty much planned on driving into the Bay just to see that show and leave, but one of Mom’s friends had her six-year-old granddaughter visiting and said friend wanted me to accompany them to Monterey on Sunday. And I was all, “sorry, but I’m not going down there for several hours, then having to drive all those hours back, and then still have to drive back up here and get back at 11 p.m. on a work night” at this suggestion. Maybe if this was going on on a Saturday, but not a Sunday. After I said no to this and then we went to the theater, the friend called back and said, “What if we go to Half Moon Bay instead?” which is only about an hour from where we’d be starting out. Clearly if they’re going to change their plans specifically to have me show up, well...

Anyway, the day went really well. I did like Isabella the 6-year-old, who turned out to be the kind of little kid I like, and clearly she’s into the same kind of aesthetics that I am. HMB had a cool bookstore and yarn shop that I spent some time in--I found some yarn that I’ve been looking for for a project and a cool book I hadn’t known existed. Bella wanted to learn about knitting and crocheting--I think she got the idea down, it was just a case of dexterity--but eventually we ended up having a yarn fight in the back of the car, just for kicks. We all also ended up sharing a table at lunch with some nice policemen, who commented on the recent dramaz in the Oakland PD by saying they hated going over there during emergencies because the place has no leadership. Ain’t that the truth.

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