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2020-07-10, 8:50 p.m.

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My renewed sanity continues today, thank god. I didn't slip back into addlepatedness. WHEW. God, I hope this lasts. I do not want to go back to feeling like this.

Work was fine, got stuff done. I chatted with the girl who came back from feeling sick a lot. She sounds so cheerful! My sanity maintained itself today and my boss reported that my other coworkers were impressed with me being helpful today (for a change, right?). I said something about how yesterday and today have been the clearest I've been able to think for months.

There were some funny work stuff on the Slack channel. Usually my office Slack channel is dull, but not today:

(a) Boss posts the meme of "Zoom meeting, video only" vs "Zoom meeting with video" with dogs. Another girl and I agreed that we were not into camera-ing (it's probably less of an issue for her, I made a crack about my hair)

(b) One coworker who normally doesn't have that much of a sense of humor made a pants-free joke, which made the other girl go OMG TMI!!!! Guy coworker says "not me, the dogs!" and she's all "surrrre, the dogs,"

(c) and I'm all "Let's do a Google search for dogs in pants!" and even High Horse got into the act by liking the photo of do dogs wear pants just on their back half or on all 4 legs? This led to commentary about how a dog would keep on 4-legged pants with no belt, and the guy coworker was all, the pants would know....

That guy has a dirtier sense of humor than I would have imagined, y'all. He's normally about 85% straitlaced. Go figure.

Loretta said today that she saw over 150+ outside walking, jogging and biking at 7:30 a.m. and only 8 had masks on. "It will be more than three weeks before I do this again." I keep saying if you go out in the heat of the midafternoon, there's nobody out....

I have been debating whether or not to sign up for some workshops--improv and storytelling--tomorrow. And another scavenger hunt-y thing, also tomorrow. And I have been trying to talk myself into it, but man, I am just Not In The Mood. I don't want to wake up at 8 a.m. tomorrow, I just want to sleep in. I'll be doing some theater things in the late afternoon (watching two shows plus doing a practice on Zoom) but I just don't feel like doing something tomorrow, and that's vaguely disturbing. Lounging in bed sounds better than learning, somehow. It just bums me out that I apparently want to want to miss out on some cool experiences to be lazy-ass.

I used up the last of the eggs tonight to make another one of those crazy omelets. I still like them.

I did online karaoke again tonight, that was fun. Then I watched the latest Apple Family play. This is an ongoing series of plays about four siblings and one of them has an SO, just hanging around and chatting. Topics this time include:

(a) Tim's ex asked him to take his 18-year-old daughter--and her friend whose parents abused her so she had to get out. Kid doesn't want to move to Rhinebeck where most of them live, mom doesn't want her, and Tim's girlfriend Jane only goes out to walk the dog (or something) and sounds very concerned about having people come in.

(b) Barbara offers to take in the teenagers, which sounds great.

(c) They were all, isn't it weird that single people have to worry about holding hands? I wanted to be all "smug marrieds," except I don't think any of them are? It's not funny.

(d) Richard likes to print ALL his emails, and Barbara read aloud some very depressing ones, and also said that some of her ex-students she's been writing to have told her to stop giving them advice about her youth. YUP.

(e) While she was in the bath, Marion realized, "I have not touched another human being for over three months." ME TOO. "We've been that careful. We've been told to be." "This is what I'm missing. This is why I feel the way I feel." She delivers it cheerfully, but....

(f) People should hang up. Nobody wants to. "All I have to do is push a button and you're gone," Barbara says, and Richard yanks her hand off.

(g) One lady Barbara knows got bored and is making fridge magnets and dropping them in people's mailboxes. Hers refers to the title of this play, "And So We Come Forth."

(h) "Say hi to Karen. Tell her congratulations on graduating. Or whatever."

(i) The virtual hugging made me cry again.

(j) "I want to be a good person," Jane says, on obviously not wanting two teens in there right now. "We'll help. You're not alone," Barbara says, and I think, but she is alone, she has to be alone, they can't just ferry the kids around and wander in and out of each other's houses and be okay...

(k) "What Marian said, about not touching a human being." "For three months. I know." "What have we done to ourselves?"

(l) Barbara listens to an opera about two people wondering when they will ever be together again.

Talked to Mom tonight--gave her my Netflix password. Roger briefly got on the phone to ask me to ask my mom to stop asking him for permission to do stuff around the house. ("Can you do me a favor?" "I dunno, depends on what it is if and I'm able to do it." "I think you'll be able to do this one...")

Very eventually (like 9:30) Shanna was free....which turned into 10 or so....anyway, we hung out for about an hour, during which we discussed the craziness of San Francisco and Burning Man, her giving some kind of crazy talk tomorrow ("Shanna, I want you to talk about crazy stuff." "I can do that."), having to come up with some learning module for extra vet money and how much those things suck, and at one point, she made a joke about someone wanting to give a talk about how to design a toilet for an octopus--"call it the octo-toilet!"

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