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Super Size Me

2005-07-11, 10:33 p.m.

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I just have to share this moment.

Anyone remember this entry, where I saw Super Sized Me and mentioned that Heather wants to make Chris see it? (Btw, I found out on Saturday that yes, he did eat those Lean Cuisines. Go figure.)

I came home tonight and she was all, "We're going to McDonald's, you want us to pick you up something?" Normally I never eat there, but it was 9:30 at night, I'd just come from a really freaking hard step class where she made us use two steps (making up a really long bar that we had to keep hopping across, aiee), god knows I didn't have the energy to make anything, and I said, sure.

So they bring it home, and I chow down in the living room while playing KoL (I ascended again! Hurrah!), and they go into her bedroom. Eventually I overhear... you guessed it, Mr. Morgan Spurlock.

I promptly ran in and said, "Wait a minute. You are WATCHING SUPER SIZE ME WHILE EATING MCDONALD'S?! Are you crazy?!"

"We had to!" she says.

"You are sick, sick people!"

Luckily for poor, innocent Chris, who has no idea what he's getting into here, at this point Brian the neighbor came over so they could all go clubbing. (I got invited, but I have work.) So the movie was put on pause.

I think that's a good thing, because man, I would NOT want to be chowing down on a burger when the vomit starts. Or when they start talking about his liver.

Chris is in for a rude awakening...

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