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Sleeping In Is Glorious

2020-07-11, 6:56 p.m.

The Lawn Guys didn't show up until 12:15-ish today, so I had the loveliest longest lie-in ever. It was glorious. 12 hours of sleeping.

At one point I dreamed I went back in time and it actually felt pretty real, for a dream. I was in the living room at my mom's and I had been sleeping on the couch and I asked what day it was when I realized I was back in time and she said "Food day!" and I was all, "what?" and I eventually figured out she meant Thanksgiving, and then I asked her what year it was so I could make sure it was before the pandemic and I could hug her--and then I woke up. Fuuuuuuck. I should have hugged her. Then it occurred to me afterwards that of course it was in the past, I was asleep on the couch and the living room was empty and that entire area hasn't been usable or not covered in shit since 2005.

Then I watched Palm Springs on Hulu. I love this. I love this so much. This is fucking brilliant and everyone should watch it.

The plot; Nyles attended a wedding with his cheating girlfriend, a bridesmaid in the wedding, and somehow found this time cave that makes him relive the day over and over again, and apparently no redemption arc stuff worked to get him out of it. After lots of suicides, a drug-filled trip to Equatorial Guinea, getting it on with wedding guests, etc. he's just bumming through the day, relaxing in the pool, getting high, hitting the bar, amusing dancing around people that he knows what they're going to do, giving a speech, what the heck. He's been doing this so long he can't remember life before he got here, that's how bad it is.

One day he got high with another wedding guest, Roy, and brought him to the cave. Roy has not been happy with the results of this. Roy lives out of town, so he only shows up every few days to hunt Nyles for fun. Then at the start of this movie, he's hitting it off with Sarah, the bride's sister, in the desert when Roy starts hunting him again. She follows him into the cave, he tells her not to...and now she's in the time-loop, figuring out that leaving town and suicide and redemption don't work either.

So they become play partners, doing dances, hitting the bar, getting costumes, saving the wedding guests from a bomb just for kicks, etc. She throws him a party with the banner "Happy Millionth Birthday Dipshit." Eventually the inevitable occurs and they get it on and it's cute.

Sexy ways to get it on here: "Nice leg." "Okay, but hurry it up." "Let's just get it over with." "Just shut up and go fuck Trevor." "If I had had one less Mai Tai that night and put the condom on right, this wouldn't have happened."

I may write a total spoilery post on this movie later, but seriously, it's the best rom-com I've seen in years. Set It Up and To All The Boys I've Loved Before were pretty good, but this is excellent.

At 4 a few folks in the Robin Hood cast and Linda did a mini-practice for figuring out stuff on Zoom for Robin Hood. Linda is playing with backgrounds and saw a show that she wants to figure out how they kept things still, with no boxes, etc. (Sadly, she is skipping out on the show I'm going to watch tomorrow to "go to a birthday the Bay Area." I restrained myself from screaming "noooooooooooooo" to this.) We fooled with various settings, and she is disappointed that people can't stay still in Zoom. Robert (other Robert, from As You Like It) asked about filming people live and Linda said some people (er, not just me, maybe) weren't comfortable with that. She did sound like she'd be into us doing silly cheesy things with the action scenes though, so I'm happy about that. I will try to take screenshots tomorrow like she did of her show for ideas.

We also discussed whether or not green screens would be bought for everyone. Looks like the actual screens are $20-ish cheap, but it's having to buy a frame for them that would be pricey, and I don't really have a way to hang one in my apartment at the table without it landing on my head. I don't have anything to drape a giant sheet over, I can't reach the ceiling, and there's one lower bar on the ceiling between the kitchen and bedroom but it would just be covering ME up if I tried to hang something off it.

I checked my bank account yesterday and it has got a lot more money in it than it usually has in my previous life. Maybe I will just cave in and buy a whole damn frame setup or something on my own. Might be a worthwhile investment these days. Or a new laptop. Well, the latter might be easier because I have no idea if I can fit one of these green screen settings behind me in the kitchen.

At five I watched another Matthew Dicks solo show and felt very guilty for not having gone to the workshop today. It sounds like it went really well. At the beginning of this, his wife Elysha was all, he still doesn't know what he's going to do yet AND THE SHOW HAS NOW STARTED.

First off he did a story that was "an hour old" that they did in the workshop, about how when he was 7 on a horse, the horse startled and ran around for an hour, and his dad didn't try to get him back. What do you make of that? He said that he has 484 untold stories on his list and this one had been number 13. Higher stories on the list are ones he's been dodging. But if it's a hard story to tell, it's probably the right story to tell. Then he said, "The universe was speaking to me today," because he got a letter from his dad today about growing up with horses.

The second story was how he wanted to have his own bedroom in the basement because Greg Brady did, and he became a hottie with all these dates. However, moving his furniture from the second floor to the basement had to be done while his parents weren't home and while their cranky grandma was babysitting. So the other kids in the house created a "pot and pan parade" to distract Grandma. Matthew notes that his parents were so "nonactive" that they would hopefully not notice what happened, or take the effort to bother to make him move back. He goes back to school on Monday and brags about it and everyone's jealous. But by Tuesday, the kids at school are shocked that his parents still haven't noticed... "Don't they check on you?" "No." Sure, it sounds fun to pull the wool over your parents' eyes, but if there is no wool to pull because they never bothered to's not so great. He notes that it took four days for his mother to notice-- "You didn't even notice." His mother let it go and he lived in the basement for as long as he lived at home, sneaking girls in. He said that nobody wants to hear a sad story all the way through, so if he knows it's going to end sadly, he starts it out funny.

He did another improvised story off prompt suggestions and talked about how Elysha wanted to go to BLM protests and he wanted to, but was afraid of the coronavirus. "I'm torn between doing the right thing and doing the right thing." Then he goes for a bike ride, gets hit in the chest by an errant tree branch, falls off the bike and gets injured. He has to ride home all bloody, so bloody that people pull over to tell him that he's bleeding (to which he is all, Yes, I noticed). Then when he gets home, Elysha is all, "So I guess you're not going to the BLM march, huh?" with the look of "I'm making you go anyway" in her eyes. He's glad he went and he should do what she says.

The third story was about how he believed in Jesus as a kid, until he went to Bible school and started asking questions like "How many kittens did God drown?" and "there's no way someone can survive in a whale that long, and "Did Adam and Eve have kids with their kids?" This annoyed the teacher, but it was obvious these things hadn't occurred to her either. "And that was the moment when religion fell away." When he was going through all the horrible shit circa age 21, he read through the Bible (he said he's read through it 3 time) and said that people cherry pick stories for a reason. There are some horrible things in there like God sending bears to eat kids because they made fun of a bald man. "Bears eating boys is not a way to find faith." And then he found Elysha, but could not become Jewish. he's sad every day because he doesn't have faith. Then he mentioned emailing a guy on his phone while at a ball game and then spotting the actual guy there. "What if it's God?" "I felt like the machinery of the universe was revealing itself to me," though that wasn't enough. He wants a nicer God to exist, and maybe wanting to believe will be enough for God to let him in. I noted that the last few times I've seen him perform, he's mentioned having synchronicities like finding Ronald McDonald Children's Charities in his mail on the day he tells a story about impersonating them, and today he mentioned getting a letter from his dad about growing up with horses. Hmmmm, I say.

And finally, I watched an Acme Theatre livestream of "Dear Harvey," as they are going to put some shows on Saturdays for the next month. Good job. The show was a good one for talking heads, as most people were recounting the politics of the time, coming out, etc. I liked the parts where people talked about what Harvey was like. Like recounting him dancing at the club, and not wanting to wear suits but a drag queen had to tell him he had to do it for the job. His 22-year-old assistant said he warned her that he yelled a lot, so she should yell back. "He was electric. I never met anyone like him in my whole life."

The upstairs neighbors are partying tonight. Lotta music and singing. I hope by themselves.

I'm watching 10 Signs That a Man is Emotionally Invested in You. Scott used to do all of these things.... well, okay, he still does #7 on the texts. And we never got to future building. But other than that....

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