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Summer of (Not That) Solo, Part 2

2010-07-12, 2:25 p.m.

I am On Notice that I will have to work at least one entire weekend uh...within the next month? The designated time was theoretically going to be this past weekend when I had out-of-town theater tickets, but now has been (so far) postponed until the end of the month. I am expecting further postponements until August at this rate, which is gonna get awkward with more theater tickets and/or teaching my class if it runs.

I am Not Thrilled at this at all (yes, I'm a spoiled snot, but I'd rather not work 12 days in a row doing what I do with no break, talk about spaghetti brains), but keep trying to remind myself about the overtime pay. I am also somewhat annoyed at not being able to make any plans until the last minute for the next 3 or 4 or god-knows-how-long weeks. Feh. Oh well, better than being canned. But it's totally throwing me off on stuff (see below).

At least I got to go to my play this weekend. Amusingly enough, I heard that the theater company owner didn't like/want to do this play for some reason, but finally got talked into it a few months before he died. I said they did it literally over his dead body, and Mom said he wanted to die so he wouldn't have to see it. Yes, we're awful. I also spent way too much money on summer shoes because all of mine are now duct-taped together and I had to replace them. I hate shoe-shopping (I also hate that I have to leave town in order to find decent quality shoes at an average price), but at least I got to leave town so I could do that. And they're all very cute and comfy.

Upon seeing this Ask Metafilter post, I decided to update this one. Really, I haven't done jack about any of it.

1. Summer project idea: haven't done jack on this, because there is jack to do locally. Instead, I just went on vacation in three different states.

2. I have to start Evil Skirt over AGAIN. I have thrown it in a pile and am trying to work on other stuff instead, like the Semi-Evil Dress.

3. Agatha Christie books: decided that given how many piles and piles of books I didn't really want but were given for free I have around the house, I should read THOSE (and presumably get rid of them if I don't like them) instead. So far the book blog is getting tons and tons of reviews.

4. Well, I designed ONE tarot card out of felt and knitting...alas, I may get that done and that's it for the month. I might have time for one other one.

5. Since I have very limited time to sew at the CC (Saturdays would be it...if I was HERE and NOT WORKING on a Saturday), I have given up on the tie dress for the time being. I wanted it done for my show in August, but it's not gonna happen, especially since I am still too scared to start ripping and cutting when I don't know what I am doing.

6. Ye Olde Psychic Powers Development was going great...and then I went on vacation. Derailed, derailed. Either I have had people around or been too tired to do much. At this point I'm doing it like once a week. Feh.

What have I been doing instead?

1. Leaving the state a lot.
2. Reading old books, or buying new ones.
3. Wanting to work on a bunch of other knitting projects. There are too many projects that I want to be doing all at once, AGAIN. ARGH.
4. Buying yarn to design my own peacock jacket costume for Halloween.

I'm pretty nervous about that last one (though I happily found good colored yarn in large skeins for on sale and cheap yesterday, plus my birthday gift certificate took care of it all). I think I mostly have it plotted out as to how I want it to look, but it might take me a long-ass time to there's the figuring out the logistics of it. I think I've got the tailfeather bit pretty plotted out, but I have to design the top jacket part first, which is less kooky. I guess we'll see how that goes.

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