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A Lateral Move

2012-07-12, 11:46 a.m.

So....I am going to be switching jobs at some point this year. Officially rather than temporarily juggling two. Staying in the same department and staying at the same pay rate, thank goodness. But moving into another section of the office (the noisy public side) and doing stuff somewhat related to what I've been doing for 10 years.

What it boils down to is: the computer system I got hired to work on...well, the company has just gone to crap and they are giving up on the entire thing. Which is kind of sad since well, the need for what it does is still there. But it never got any respect from staff people (just the other half of users), and when the tech support has continued to fail like hell for a couple of years now...I can't blame 'em.

Which of course boils down to the issue I've been worried about for years on end, i.e. I am the most expendable one here and should be gotten rid of if this no longer exists, since the other guy I work with would be the primary/kept one. It's why I've gone to buttloads of career counseling, applied for other jobs I wasn't terribly into and couldn't get into because I hadn't done them before, given up in frustration...the usual whine you've heard here for the last five years or so, probably. I figured this job would expire due to automation rather than "we give up," but still.

However...the folks here are awesome and supportive. And manager #2 at the temporary job super loves me these days. And they need someone else to work in another section of the office, I good with doing that? Oh, sure. I'm not sure how long it will take them to process that stuff-- I'd guess about three months, that seems to be how long it takes to do paperwork (hence why all my temping has lasted about that long). New office. Having to do more public service--but eh, I'm used to that at this point and it ain't that bad.

It will be weird no longer working in the quiet section of the office though. Okay, that sucks a little. I doubt I'll have as much podcast listening time as I have been used to. And a little sad to leave my group since I've been in it longer than almost everyone. But on the other hand, I hate my non-cube setup and would be happier having a nice square corner desk again And the people in that section are also very nice (we don't have jerks here). So I'm sure it will all be just fine in the end.

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