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She Kills Monsters

2020-07-12, 7:00 p.m.

I slept in till 9: 30ish and then laid in bed till 12:30ish, albeit I admit some of that was doomscrolling about Disneyland, sigh. But lying in bed late is the best. I only got up to text with Shanna. We attempted to finish off Hamlet...which is to say we did, and then my computer decided to magically delete the file so we will had to redo it again. DAMMIT.

I also walked around the house for 90 minutes and read the first 100+ pages of the new Murderbot book, finally. Good stuff. I like how Murderbot is developing a relationship with Dr. Mensah's teenage daughter, including driving off a predator dude. And there's a return of a fan favorite--I'll leave it there-- so that's delightful.

So today I watched "She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms," trailer here, which live-streamed on Zoom and then is on rent on Vimeo for two weeks after, I guess. (Though Linda tried it and couldn't get it to work, so I dunno.) The plot of it is that a geek girl named Tilly gets hit by a car and afterwards, her "normal" older sister Agnes tries to figure out what Tilly was like by joining her DnD game. She can't quite figure out some things, like whether or not Tilly was gay (or trans?) or had an actual girlfriend or not, and I guess she's also reading Tilly's diary/DnD manual as well? Something like that? It's a little confusing. But mostly, it's playing DnD as the real life characters become oh, gelatinous molds and whatnot.

Lines I wrote down.
"I was watching in your general direction while in the line of flee-ing."
"I think this is your sister's diary. She just wrote it in geek."
Boss #2: Miles the Gelatinous Cube.
"You made my boyfriend a Jello mold?"
"Am I going crazy?" "At least you're not dead."
Cheerleader-style: a dance battle! "You really thought we were going to dance battle you to death? My sister was right. Cheerleaders are dumb."
"Are you asking me out?" "I can do that...."
"I got run over by a truck and suddenly I'm the most popular girl in school."
"You're dead, you're gone." "I know. But the story remains."

They had a lot of cartoon drawings, both as backdrops behind the actors and as a frame around all the various frames in scene. People had costumes and cartoon-y weapons that they used, and at one point almost everyone busts out a dragon head. I was wondering how they were going to do fight scenes--puppets? cartoons? but they didn't really do that, just one character punches in one box and another reacts in another box.

I then watched the after chat and there was a good line in it: "DnD is improv shows with dice." I watched all of the extras they put online about it, but didn't really feel like I got any useful tips. So then I switched to watching that fan-made version of Back To The Future 2 to see how people put scenes together with whatever the hell they had in their houses or playacted or whatever. And Bridget sent links to and a presentation they did online as to what they learned. This is FASCINATING.

And finally, I got together with Shanna again to finish reading Hamlet, again. That was fun. We also discussed how her birthday is 1/11 and her Scott had that in his license plate. I looked up her astrology and sadly, she isn't anything majorly Aquarian. I had figured she was either a Capricorn (working all the time) or Aquarian, but no, that's not her rising or moon. Darn it.

I miss Scott. I wish there was a way to have him around. I WISH HE WAS DOING THEATER WITH US GODDAMMIT. How the hell am I ever going to connect to him without theater or karaoke? Seriously, I got nothing without those. God, any thoughts on this? I just have to leave him alone forever, it feels like. Probably until the pandemic is over.

But maybe it will never be over. There may never ever be an end to this as far as I can tell if people don't even develop antibodies to it and can catch it again and again even worse. If that's the case, then there is no hope, is there?

I feel like the universe is promising me that we will be together someday. I do believe this in my heart, though logic is screaming at me no on this one. Whee, conflicted again.

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