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Silent Disco Again

2019-07-13, 1:24 p.m.

I went to the state fair with Dawn today, which was fun. I didn’t buy anything other than food and sunglasses that my mom asked for (she wanted 3 pairs, good lord...supposedly she’ll pay me back). I was debating what I’d do when I came across my favorite vendor that I always shop at because I am trying not to buy stuff any more, but they were not there this year! Waaah! So I was a “good girl” and bought nothing in the end. It helped that of the 3 dresses I saw otherwise, two looked like ones I already own and the third just didn’t look as good on me as it did on the mannequin.

I saw a goat mountain at the fair, which was adorable. I wished I could have gotten a decent shot of me with goats, or more “Audrey, with goats.”

We watched the horse show this year, which had a theme of “Turn Back Time” and was a salute to various musicians over the years. Sadly I think the lady reading off the script kept pulling a Vinnie and kept skipping ahead on which parts she was supposed to be reading, because she was sooooo out of order like the entire time. Let’s cover the seventies! Let’s cover the eighties! Back to the seventies! Back to the eighties! Let’s do the nineties, here’s Ariana Grande! You get the drift. The music also totally cut out on the girl singing “Don’t Stop Believing” but she continued to rock it a cappela, so good for her.

I also got Dawn to go to Silent Disco this year twice and she even danced, which is impressive since for various reasons (such as a bad foot, and she usually does not strike me as being into music and probably not the pop stuff I go for) she normally would probably not be doing that so much. She even enjoyed it until she hit her limits. So I am impressed there. I always give whopping bonus points in my head to anyone who dances even if they are not into it or awkward or whatever. If you just try at all, I love you for it. I even kind of loosely choreographed dances for her to do with me on the fly at times, which she liked.

And of course, the amazing thing about Silent Disco is the “nobody cares” aspect of it all. Anyone can do any form of dance and nobody’s scrutinizing you or caring. Do ballet, prance around and strut all you want and no one cares! Last night on the way home it was late and dark and I was walking home and realized that I could do the sorts of moves I want to do while listening to my iPod and nobody would see me in the dark so it was fine. Now I could do it in the light.

The second time I was in there was towards the end and they had 3 DJ’s working and it’s interesting to watch when something good comes on because of all the people changing their channels to listen to. If you see people yelling or jumping you will briefly change your own channel just to see what is going on and if it’s that good. Someday I’m sure someone will be compiling statistics on this stuff and making the DJ’s lives hell about it though, sigh.

It has been a topic of debate lately around these parts as to whether or not it’s reasonable to have straight dudes like dancing and/or whether or not one can reasonably desire such in a dude. Well, I can say from Silent Disco that I did see several guys actually voluntarily dancing and doing moves with their ladies, which was heartening. I also saw a nerd girl (we didn’t talk much but we had that instant simpatico during the few moments we were nearby each other) and her boyfriend, who was awkward and probably not into this sort of thing normally, but was doing it anyway. So good for him.

At the end of the night, each DJ did one last song and had everyone change to that person’s channel. The blue DJ (who had not been doing anything I was into much) played “Crazy in Love” and everyone loved that. The red DJ (who was rocking it) did “Bohemian Rhapsody” since there was a Queen-ripoff show at the fair that night and declared it a karaoke sing-along, which was glorious. Alas, the third DJ was all into the techno and I wasn’t into his selections, so I left then. Until then, it was quite touching.

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