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If Your Phone Doesn't Ring, It's Me

2020-07-13, 7:03 p.m.

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News from the morning meeting:

(a) Much like me, Penguin Girl spent most of the weekend sleeping, albeit she was only awake for about four hours at a time and then went back to bed.
(b) Our remaining temp got stalked by a turkey, which of course reminded me of Downtown Tom.
(c) Coworker Sarah went over to Lioness's birthday party. It's a good thing I put myself on mute so nobody could hear me screaming, "BOTH OF THEM MAY GET TAKEN OUT BY CORONAVIRUS NOW?!?" It's Day Two, so any time now, right? And then Lioness took the kid off to daycare...
(d) Nobody knows about future K-12 schooling. The schools are sending out polls asking if you want online or in person. One school district suggested having kids go to school for only 2.5 hours a day. How the hell is anyone handling that with work?
(e) How are you going to enforce one person at a time in a bathroom?
(f) Direct quote from boss, with accompanying phone photo: "Left (redacted) out in the backyard with power tools by himself. Is that good parenting?" At least he had on safety glasses?

Also, to all my clients out there: do not leave anyone a message that says nothing but "can you please call me back? Thank you" with absolutely no contact information. I'm so tired of idiot clients, y'all have no idea. This one will sit and spin and wonder "Why doesn't she call me baasaaack?" Uh, I do not have psychic powers enough to magically deduce your contact information. Even if I wanted to call you back, which even my boss says I don't have to do on my personal phone because I already have a stalker as is. I wish I wasn't irretrievably locked out of my voicemail so I could have changed it to "Do not call me and expect to get a call back, this number does not work at my house, EMAIL ME DAMMIT" before I left. Also, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, IF NOTHING ELSE, LEAVE YOUR ID NUMBER. I don't care about your name or your phone, but just leaving your first name and a number is terrible, especially if your name is even slightly unusual and then I have to take guesses on spelling trying to find you in the computer system. Which literally never works.

Other than that, I got mostly left alone to do work at work, which was nice.

Today's anti-affirmation calendar message was, "If your phone doesn't ring, it's me." Yet another thing I wanted to send to you-know-who and' can't. I instead sent it to Shanna, who sympathized and said we'd celebrate on the day when I can. Sadly, it feels like the universe wants us to drift apart (or at least he does because what do I have to work with here to maintain anything) and I am forced to accept it. Shanna said I have her in the meantime, which has given me a ridiculous idea per the plot of As You Like It.... but maybe I'll tell her that over Zoom for sheer amusement's sake.

In the news:

(a) Pretty much anywhere that could have mass indoor gatherings is shut down again, here included. Good. Can I get my gym fees refunded again this month?

(b) Apparently you can catch the coronavirus again so immunity will never happen and you get it worse the second time and we are all going to die horribly. Can someone get me a cyanide pill, just in case things go really badly?

(c) Kenny Klein (note: a Big Name Pagan I saw at Pcon a few times, didn't like him and then it turned out he liked kiddie porn) died in prison. It took a lot of restraint for his ex-wife not to say "Good riddance," I think. Well, she sorta did.

(d) Naya Rivera was confirmed dead, which is sad. I would have been very touched by this photo except as a commenter said, shouldn't they be social distancing? God, I can't look at any groups of people in recent photos any more.

(e) The "Redskins" finally got forced to change their name. Well, that's something. Of course it took financial blackmail to make it happen.

(f) The yarn shop is holding classes again, but the new building is super huge and the class space is very spaced out and ventilated and I think they said there was even Plexiglass for the knitting instructors so as to not get too close. I admit I'm biased, but if one has to hold classes, this sounds fairly reasonable. If I was ever going to be there again, I'd be comforted. Of course, then I read any article about "people were in groups indoors even six feet apart and got it" and then freak out again.

Had Robin Hood rehearsal tonight for the first few numbers. I was just being very extra in it (basically being silly and acting out the first song as "forester woman") but it was entertaining. Small group rehearsing tonight for that reason.

The "in person filming" came up again--apparently Tom and Ann also said no so it isn't just me--but when asked directly, Cameron said she came down with symptoms over the weekend and got tested and is waiting on results and out of work, even though she feels fine today. After she announced that, the idea of in-person filming was done. So then it turned to fooling with Zoom and testing out acting out silly shit, which was mostly me and Cameron. Very hammy, which is delightful.

Then they worked on the first scene in which Alan gets caught by the sheriff for poaching and Robin Hood rescues him, and then the second scene in which they meet Little John. This involved the three of them all having to stand up and pretend to walk and then staff fight with each other. At the end of that, there was the following conversation with Tom and Linda:

"Tom, do you have any better idea what is going on with this?" "Not really, no." Linda cracked up and said 'Welcome to the club!"

Linda asked me to email an account of She Kills Monsters to folks, so I did that.

Now I am watching the Paley Center Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist special and yes, I am so relating to the showrunner talking about his dad and everything that was real that he wrote into the show.

I also spent the rest of the night buying masks off Etsy. The last clothing shopping I will ever do in my life, I fear. I spent hours trying to find a tie-dye one with back ties instead of elastic around the ears, and also got three rainbow-print ones and a galaxy print one. If we're going to have to embrace wearing masks for the rest of our lives, I might as well start stocking up now. I think I probably spent $90 on all of these with shipping costs at around $15/pop for each mask.

Upstairs neighbor is doing karaoke again. ("In The Name Of Love.") It's very sweet.

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