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Possible Relapse Day

2020-07-14, 7:12 p.m.

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I felt like I was relapsing again today. I was on edge about having to go back to Kaiser for Shot Day as is, and then the second I get online Lioness is all "did you do this important document?" and I got all deer in headlights freaked out again... until my boss was all, "Nah, we don't actually have to do that one." WHEW. But I was on edge and feeling stupid and in fear again about going to Kaiser. I don't want to go back there mentally again!

I am happy to report that except for one employee wandering around the back outside that I saw, everyone in the building had a mask on this time. The two at the check in counter had been separated, one of them was moved to the entry hall and the other was by himself. Both of them had on shirts saying "I can't stay home, I work at Kaiser." The nurse I got this time had a mask on but no gloves, I thought about bringing it up but didn't get up the nerve. Anyway, she said I was due for tetanus--fine, let's get it over with--and a "lipid panel" that the doctor I've never met decided to put onto my record in December. Uh....let's skip that, under the circumstances. At least I got out of there fast and Silkwood showered at home again.

I also dropped off the library books. Nobody was there, but they had the book dropoff machinery up enough to be able to push the button and shove books in. Whew. Now I will never go to the library again (sadly). I also checked my mail and paid a credit card bill, and nothing else needed doing. Put the DMV sticker on. Got two cards from Merry and Cameron. I did not drop off Dawn's present. She wanted me to call ahead, I just... didn't, never mind.

Anyway, I was back at work by 10, which I guess my boss was pleased but thrown off by. I asked if we could move our meeting to not be at 10 (I wasn't sure when I'd get back) and not at 11 (therapy time) and she originally said yes, and then later said 'let's do it at 11," and then I started freaking that this was another In Trouble meeting and told my therapist I had to cancel. Anyway, it wasn't an In Trouble one, or a super emergency one. Mostly just talked about training the new employee, and then we had a discussion about therapy appointments and she apologized and said she wouldn't do that again, she just was in la la land today. So, yay.

As for the new employee, I asked what her experience was. Hiring stuff, she said. We don't hire people as part of our jobs here. Oh, and her giant org used People Soft (we don't) and basically, despite having the same duration of experience in this type of office as I do, it doesn't sound like she did oh, any of this stuff we do? So she will be 100% fresh from scratch with no background information of how these things are done, having to learn our different scheduling, and our shitty upgraded computer system. "Oh, and the training is still for the previous version," boss said.

Uh....this is hiring on experience, Grandboss? JUST SAYING. I am really not a fan of Grandboss's life decisions these days.

So....yeah, Murphy's Law of the office continues with that one. I pointed out that I am not 100% comfortable with training on the new stuff because it's kinda the one-eyed leading the blind, so others will need to step in or assist or something. I hope that happens. We'll see. Anyway, she gets the point.

In other news, Lioness didn't believe me when she asked me if I'd keyed X and I told her that I think some kind of technical glitch went on with the website (it's happened before when they notify us that a thing came in, and then they had some technical problem). Lioness hadn't seen the new system before and I swear we spent like a half hour on: (a) Lioness can't get anyone else to be allowed to "share screen." (b) I sent her the login, but the login is a nightmare and of course she couldn't get in. (c) I attempted to start taking screenshots of the whole thing except the whole thing is too big to screenshare well. She finally figured out the screen share fix and I kept being over and over, "Look, it's not in there, they've had technical difficulties before, I already emailed about it, they'll fix it." She was all, "I get in trouble if I don't check anything," and suddenly I'm all, yeah, I know that. Anyway, a few minutes later I got emailed back saying "yeah, we had technical difficulties, it'll be in tomorrow." So, proved right for a change.

Should I be worried that Lioness, a woman who's obsessed with getting her breakfast, said she wasn't hungry for breakfast? Is this the start of corona?

Merry, for the record, sent me a combination Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday card, along with a Cats Against Trump sticker, a pin of a black cat with the phases of the moon on it, and advertisements for a store she'd like to take me to someday. Adorable.

After work, I walked around the house and then went to an online lecture. This was kind of a mistake because (a) the subject matter sounded up my alley and then it turned out to be Q&A with an author I had never heard of and certainly hadn't read her book whatsoever, (b) there were only three people there that weren't the author and the interviewer, and (c) they were desperate for people to turn on cameras and talk and Ask Questions! and I had no questions because I hadn't read the book or even heard of the author. (Also, I am not a person who bubbles over with questions that she desperately wants to ask anyone. The more you encourage me to ask questions, the less I wanna.) Also thanks to the walking around for an hour I was STARVING HUNGRY by the time I stopped and really couldn't even concentrate on the talk because I wanted food, dammit. She made some good points, but frankly, I was not in any state to Engage In Conversation.

Man, I hate when I sign up for something and it has like 5 people going to it. It's SO awkward. And then there's the Encouraging Of The Faces! Blech.

Some shitty neighbor is talking very loudly tonight, like I can hear him ranting from the back of my apartment. My best guess is that it is Sneezy McCoughsalot because it's most likely coming from some asshole outside on my right, though this one has a whinier voice than Sneezy's coughing usual, so maybe it's just someone above him for all I know. It's hard to tell if it's above outside or side outside. But every third word of their phone conversation is the f-bomb and every other word is a different racial slur. What a fucking asshole.

Mom texted to say that Roger's haidresser came over to give him a haircut. Now she wants one too. *facepalm*

I started writing "Jane Austen in Quarantine" as a play idea and drafted Act 1 tonight, so there's something to do. Kelly sent me a monologue-ish play entry thing that I might be able to turn into something? Things to consider.

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