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2019-07-15, 10:26 p.m.

I didn’t bother to write an entry for yesterday because all I did was work on writing, and trip packing, and I ended up applying for a job.

The problem with this is that it’s a job I’ve applied for before in 2015 and I didn’t get it before. I was debating whether or not to even fucking bother when I didn’t even get a second interview, which by my org’s high standards means you are a Loser, but I qualify for next to nothing, it’s been four years and there’s only one person left from when I interviewed before and I guess what the hell. They can certainly decline to interview me since they know who I am already and I don’t really have anything new to add to my qualifications other than claiming I do project management now since I run an entire section alone. They also dropped one requirement from the job before, which might be slightly to my advantage since I had no experience with it, I dunno.

The other problem with this is that during my excruciating morning meeting today, I started daydreaming about what it would be like to leave and to not get lectured about my lack of ability to handle screaming clientele ever again, and I can’t afford to do that in my head because odds are very high this won’t work out. (And I didn’t even remember that they went to conferences and crap like that until I looked for that old entry.) It’s awful when there’s a very slim hope of something going the way that you want and then that occupies your brain way too much. I can’t go there.

On a related note, while I was at the horse show on Saturday, they played a random song that I liked, and upon looking it up later it turns out to be some “unreleased” song by Taylor Swift that she did before she became kind of an asshole (okay, I’ll give her credit for trying to improve lately). Now I am wondering, how the fuck was this song playing at a random horse show when it’s not exactly a radio hit or even buyable? And yet, I am now obsessed with it and playing it on repeat, god help me. It was on this Olicity fan video when I googled and dear lord, it fits that show SO well. (sigh....I won’t go on about the show’s later developments now). Felicity ogling Oliver as he’s on the ceiling doing the salmon ladder or whatever never fails to delight me. She is my favorite.

Oh, and should I feel angsty about my acting “career” circa oh, next month or so after this play ends, remind me about how Wil Wheaton, 40 year veteran of acting, hasn’t gotten a job from an audition in like, EVER. Seriously, I have gotten more acting jobs from auditioning than Wil Wheaton. WTF?!?! What a cruel universe.

Other stuff at work today:

(a) We were informed that they are going to try to get us raises by changing our job descriptions in hopes that the union allows us to get a higher position. I’ve already been through this shit and got nothing but stonewalling and no, so I have zero hopes of it, but well... the thought is nice, I guess.

I also got told that for my own safety at work, I should never mention the BigBoss’s name. Yeah, that happened. I have no words.

(b) I was listening to this podcast and I liked this quote: “The best man in the world vs. wi-fi? Wi-fi wins!”

On a related note, I saw a video today that featured the line “I’m figuring out my cheese club,” casually thrown out a a nerd girl is asking a guy out on a date. SO CURIOUS ABOUT THE CHEESE CLUB.

(c) Once again, we had a conversation in the office about how common sense is not actually common at all and should be called “uncommon sense,” really.

(d) To quote Hannah the temp girl, after I said that some people are so dumb they make me want to cry, “Jennifer, you make the day bearable.”

As for rehearsal, I found it entertainingly wackadoodle. Mostly just doing act 5 a lot.

I found out that the whole “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life” thing was a total surprise to the participants on Thursday as well--I guess none of them were warned ahead of time. This turned out to be typical for my scene of singing as well (see below)...

I’m attempting to tell this stuff in the order I wrote it down...

“Do I have any lines?” -Cody
“No, you just stand there and look pretty.” -Cameron

Cameron (who like me, is normally almost always in a dress) brought pants to wear to get into character as a guy tonight, which was dubbed “Casual Ganymede.”

“I don’t have to be a convincing boy...” --Cameron

“...not a stripper pole.” -Laurel talking about a pole in her house
“I’m disappointed.” -me

Jesse took down the TnT posters on the billboard and I got one, which I put up in my house. As he’s making a loud stapling noise putting up the next poster, Cameron faints on stage. “Well, that was good timing.” -Jim

Laure loves everything I’m doing but just thinks it should be louder. I said I’ll do it louder when we are outside, but right now we’re in a smaller indoor space for me to be yelling, especially since we’re not all over the giant room like in TnT. She likes me being obnoxious, heh heh heh.

Germaine decided to go home early to sew and have Shelly fill in for her part: “All right, you can be a goddess.”

Laure thinks Audrey and Touchstone are having some kind of love going on, Germaine disagrees. “Oh, come on, that’s not a love match, it’s who’s going to get in the sack first. But I don’t care.” Laure dubs Germaine a “purist.” There was also some debate about whether or not I should have a motley-type hat like he does, and Germaine was all “no, she wouldn’t have a jester hat.” I agree but said I’d bring in a few of my own hats and weaths and she will so we can see what would work as headgear.

“Goddess cooties.” -Jim after we freak out when a goddess shows up on stage.
(Hera scares the pants off people)
“Hey, I needed those pants!” -Cody

Jim on Touchstone and Jaques’ relationship: “I like his bullshit, he likes my bullshit.”

Germaine pointed out that there’s a little problem in changing the gender of Duke-now-Duchess Frederic(a) in the end lines of the play: “She can’t go to a monastery and he” (Jaques) “can’t go to a convent.” I don’t think we ever figured that bit out.

Jaques straight up gives Touchstone money at the end for...whatever reason. (Phil: “He’s the only one that I like.”) This is me and Jim after that happened:

“You better spend that on me. Buy me some sex toys.”
“Hard to find in the forest.”
“There’s plenty of twigs.”
“What about splinters?”
“You’d better sand it down nicely or you don’t get any.”

Also at one point Elizabeth left early, forcing Scott to just stand around with his hand out, leading Jim and I to make jokes about how Jaques should be giving him money too.

“You’re almost as mean as me!” -Sarah to Cody

Cody subbed in as William tonight, amusingly awkwardly and stiffly, and at one point when they are discussing William’s hat, stole Jim’s off his head. I wish they could do that in the show.

Oh yeah, my song moment: Like I said yesterday, I was expecting something super fucked up to be going on during our scene. I surprise found out that she (a) had Elizabeth step in and sing “Fields of Gold” and then have me join in later... and let’s just say that Jim and I found a way to make the fourth verse sound dirty. This was then followed up with having Shelly step in and sing the original Shakespeare song a cappella (I’m not sure what the heck our page is supposed to be doing when she’s supposed to sing it...???) and then have me horn in and sing the second verse. Badly. Well, lord knows I can do THAT, so I did it all bouncy and completely un-operatic, and then she has Jim put his hand over my mouth while I’m still singing. In the end, she chose to go with the original Shakespeare, so I guess I’ll have to actually learn that song verse about my goats now.

There was some discussion about having my boobs act. Ahem. Germaine also wants to change out my blouse to something less nice and I said maybe, but I am trying to have the boobs pop out here.... We’ll discuss later.

Cody subbed in as the page after Isadora left, on his knees. “He’s tough, but Isadora’s tougher,” said Jim after he learned he had to fake being scared of her.

“I always have a jester hat on hand for special occasions.” -Jim, who also brings his own outfits.

Jim and I decided that Jaques was the bouncer at the wedding, and that this was kind of a dull wedding with no food and stuff. Me: “The last wedding I went to was totally awesome. We partied down, we had brawls, we had food fights...”

“I attend! I attend!” -Jim
“You better attend down there, buddy.” -Me, as we head off to bang.

Afterwards, Laure told me that she’s a comedy person and that when she played Dogberry she did a penis jerking gesture and Howard (Germaine’s deceased husband) told her to never do that again!

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