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Harry Potter 6 Party

2005-07-16, 2:13 a.m.

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Okay, so I went to the local downtown Harry Potter event. Here's the photos.

It was pretty damn packed. I saw a bunch of people I knew at one point or another, including a current coworker, a former coworker (the photographer assigned to the gig, chatted with him for awhile), and my old roommate Jess. Didn't talk to her much though, she was mostly chasing her kid around. I suspect she couldn't stick around till midnight anyway.

(Damn, that's weird that she's younger than me and is married with a kid. Doesn't look any different either.)

After paying for the book and getting my goodie bag, which I'll probably have to find a kid to pass off to (too bad Julian moved), I mostly sat around. Watched the magic show, knitted, stuffed my face, etc.

There was a fair chunk of costumes, I guess, but mostly kind of improv-ish ones. Then again, this year mine was kind of improv too- hard to dress for cold English weather when it's 105 out. Some girls had "Another year of Harry"/"Another year of Ron" shirts on, I spotted a few "Muggle" shirts and one "Secret Keeper" shirt with pockets on the bottom. And some people who showed up in RenFaire outfits, for no discernable reason. I spotted some "Order of the Phoenix" hats like mine from Borders last year!

They got this HUGE inflatable big screen that they put out in the street for us to watch the Azkaban movie on. It was pretty awesome. I think I finally get what people found appealing about drive-in movies. Though I also felt kinda naughty literally lying around in the street to watch a show.

After the movie ended, we all diddled about for 45 minutes until they opened up. They really got the books out fast- my number was in the 260's and they decided just to start handing them out to everyone at 12:15. (Boy, did everyone scream and run then.)

One girl started screaming so much that the people behind me were all, "Dude, I'd scream like that if I won the lottery. It's just a book."

People were reading in the street on my way home. How cool is that?

And now it's 8 a.m., and I've finished the book and written the review. Off to bed.

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