Chaos Attraction

It's A Fizzle

2011-07-17, 9:50 p.m.

So, Mom and the Internet Boyfriend... well, it seems to be a fizzle. He's been diagnosed with even more ailments, and started freaking out over getting someone to take care of him. I guess his kids wouldn't. Mom asked and was rebuffed.

Instead, he asked his ex-wife to move back in with him. And he's talking about moving in with relatives in some M-named state.

So... he's just not that into her, as it turns out.

She is very sad. I am all "dammit!"

Nobody's officially broken up with anybody (though I think she should if she's more committed than he is-- then again, long distance has got to be a factor here plus the dude's issues), but she said she'd let him do the calling. I guess we'll see if it sticks or not there.

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