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2019-07-18, 12:33 p.m.

Hannah today: “Thursdays are second Mondays.” She and Luis also had a hilarious discussion about how they should give each other nicknames, and she has vetoed anything involving “banana” or “Montana.” This shall be fun to watch.

We had the new BigBigBoss come to our staff meeting today and he was very personable. We had to go around saying some fact about ourselves nobody else knew and I busted out with “I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue.” Listening to the guy made me really wish I could talk to him about certain policy changes we need made, BUT I know better than to say anything because I will get in trouble, which is a thing Lioness and I and our other coworker talked about later and how fucked up that is. She doesn’t like when I say I’m a peon here because that means she’s also a peon, but...we are, you know?

Oh well, I don’t have to be me again until Monday, so there’s that.


I walked into rehearsal and heard this conversation:
“I’ve been at the university for a long time.”
“You wanna marry me?”
”Well, I am pretty foolish....”
“Open marriage.” -Jim and Laure

“When my son and his girlfriend were staying at my house, I just had fun turning off and on the lights, because I was bored.” -Phil

“I haven’t heard from my son in 3-4 months.”
“Don’t send him money. That’s how I hear from my kids. They’ll call right away.” -Laure and Phil

“All my best things remind me of food items.” -Jim

Tonight I actually heard Josh speak tonight, he is surprisingly snarky. I guess Valentin talked him into going out and getting him food that he didn’t eat (“I had to wait FOUR MINUTES”), and then Josh had some complaints about it.

“Is he always this stupid?” -Josh
“Yes.” -Laurel
“Pretty much.” -Scott
“Sometimes he’s stupider.” -Laurel.
Laurel on Valentin: “I’m not nice at all.”

Cody ended up with the unwanted food. “It’s nice, all the food has been brought TO me.”

“Can I ask you a question?”
“Do I have to answer?”
“I’d prefer it not be a waste of air.” -Sarah and Cody

“I live a boring existence, my dear.” -Scott

We did acts 4 and 5 today, which actually ended up finishing earlier than usual. We did act 5 first followed by act 4, which meant that a good chunk of us spent time fucking off and playing with little rubber balls and bouncing them obnoxiously around the room. Now even I’m doing it.

Me watching Josh and Valentin playing with balls: “They just look so suspicious.”
Cody: “They never look any different.”

At one point Josh threatened to throw away Valentin’s glasses, dramatically and slowly.

“Playing with the door?” -Phil
“Playing with anything that can be played.” -Cody

“If we don’t say anything, they won’t know we’re here.” -Cody, in a rare moment of silence.

“You can wash my car if you want.” -Phil to Josh, suggesting an activity to Josh since he didn’t actually do anything at rehearsal besides play with balls. Josh is fine with that.

“I like it when all eyes are on me.” -Jim

“Just be sincere.” -Laure
“Even him?” -I point at Jim, everyone laughs.

“Ohhh. Ahhhh. Ohhhhh. See, now we get reactions.” -Laure after showing us a pic of the set trees.

“More fun to fall because you can get more hurt out there.” -Jeff on us using the actual stage.

At one point Laure griped that some woman never responds to her emails and I was thinking, are you sure she even gets them?

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