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Didn't Break The Dog, Did Break The Car

2015-07-19, 3:49 p.m.

I spent the weekend petsitting Lili again, which was lovely. We did play the splashing game, but a lot shorter and with less water--whenever she appeared to falter, I'd hop out of the water. She in turn seemed to understand this, and seemed to be fine with more breaks. Heck, she's started JUMPING INTO THE POOL NOW. She did that at one point at night when she'd been let out to pee--didn't hear a splash, but she came in soaking wet. And I saw her jump in at one point during the game, which made it a whole lot easier to splash her, have her not run around so much, and not waste the pool water. Huzzah!

As for other things: my cousin's cousin Randall came over for lunch and to go tour the "Art Under The Oaks" event at the town nursery. This was pretty fun--and god knows I enjoyed the stories he told about our mutual relatives being weird. The next day, Mom went to uh...some psychic medium that all her friends are going to at Tommy T's. I'm not even gonna get into how weird I think that shit is, but hey, at least she's not trying to page my dad from beyond the grave. So far, anyway. I would rather play with the dog.

On Sunday, I brought my car back to the Goodyear to see if they could fix the thermostat/coolant/whatever issue it is that makes the engine light go on all the time. I figured if he'd gotten it to go off for three weeks, the same guy could fix it again before smogging. Well...apparently it turned out there was a shit ton of things wrong, like a pipe was leaking and I had no coolant and a part (I'm still not sure what) needed repairing, and I needed a new tire because someone vandalized one...hooooo boy. And their sensor was broken and the engine light was still on. Gaaaaaaah.

I hadn't been to a mechanic in six months because until I had to deal with smogging, everything seemed fine and dandy. Clearly cars are like the dentist for me: every 3 months, something probably needs repairing and just because nothing obviously went wrong between now and then still means something's broken. I should just drive up to some mechanic every 3 months. "What's wrong?" "You tell me, here's several hundred dollars."

Anyway, it wasn't going to be done by the end of the day, so Mom had to drive me home and I will be carless for a few days. I really need it back by Thursday's class, so hopefully we can work out some way for me to get it on Wednesday.

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