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Three Hours

2020-07-19, 9:11 p.m.

Good news: the grocery delivery came about 10:45. The fellow had a mask on.
Bad news: the freezer part of his truck broke down and therefore I didn't get any of the frozen food. He said I'd get a refund. That's disappointing. I was looking forward to that stuff. Not sure if I am going to bother to reorder or just wait until the next time I absolutely have to or what.

After that, I did outside time. Some had masks, some did not. I mostly got annoyed at the people at the gas station without them who had clearly walked in there to get stuff. I dropped off Dawn's dog in her yard (sigh....I felt so fucking weird doing that) and she sent a brief "thanks, got it" text. I think she still might be still annoyed with me for not wanting to see people.

I saw one guy who was clearly crazy--waving his arms in the air and making gun fingers while crossing the street and I am fairly sure he stuck his hand down his pants once he was past me--but even that guy had a mask. If the obviously crazy dude can manage to put on a mask, so can you, folks!

The local weekly news magazine, which shut down immediately when the pandemic started, put out a 'special" paper issue, which I was able to pick up. I assume it's been sitting there long enough to be safe from the cooties.

I actually ended up driving all the way to the entrance of Winters, mostly because the cars in front of me were going so slowly I needed longer drive time at high speeds to keep the car going. It made me sad to go there. I felt so sad not being able to just head over to the theater or the yarn store or someone's house or anything, so why go further into town and feel sadder?

Signs I saw:
* Two "Love Your Neighbor" and one "Love Always Wins" signs in Dawn's neighborhood * A guy with "Love" on the back of his shirt.
* A wire ring by the mailbox.

I got three of the masks I ordered in the mail, they are very beautiful. Mom is going to get a haircut. I was all, "DO YOU HAVE A MASK" and she sent a photo of one.

What's Shanna up to lately? "Asking for funding to build a time machine to traverse a grand unified theory of mathematics!"

I actually finished a new book I bought online, "Breath Like Water," about a possible Olympic swimmer falling in love with an adorable guy who's bipolar and as the relationship goes on, well, he's not up to having one even though they obviously love each other. It was very depressing and there was a line towards the end about how they had mostly drifted off but once in a while they had contact and she still loved him and.... yeah, bummed me out. (It's in the spoiler cut section.) It ends on a hopeful light--a go light or a ping, if you will--though. But it still made me sad in ways that reminded me of real life even though this isn't my real life.

I went to a lecture on past lives. (I normally hate the concept even though I am fairly sure it happens. Not sure why I went, but what the heck.). It was okay, albeit a bit abstract for me on the topic. Mostly what stands out to me after the fact was the sentence "Akashic Records: the earth's supercomputer" and when someone gave the presenter shit about The Secret, said that not all of us are meant to have what we want, karmically speaking. Implied was, "The Secret may not work for you if you aren't meant to have that."

I had a Robin Hood singing/individual rehearsal with Brunette Sarah (the parody songwriter) and Marcia (pianist) after that. I confess I still don't know much about what they were talking about, but at least I got some assistance on the weirdly rhythmed lines in the songs I am doing. Hopefully I remember how that goes in the future. I guess they figured out what key they're all in? One of them had a key change in the middle. Anyway, they thought it was going well and that's all that matters. Sarah was also very hammy and there's a line about not pulling on another guy's tights that she acted out, which makes me think, "How dirty should I get with that? While sitting down?" Hmmmmmmm. I think Brunette Sarah likes it hammy and I am down with that. They are to send me accompaniment to play, not sure how I am doing that either. Play it off the laptop? Phone?

As for the nighttime rehearsal, no singing for me tonight, as I just rehearsed the lines I have as Suzanne in one scene (1) and then as Coline in the other (a few more).

* Alexis busted out a princess crown, which I guess Linda thought was too girly. Her cat also attended rehearsal and was adorable. I said she should pet the cat in an evil cat petting sort of way if the cat showed up. (I assume she is too young to have heard of Inspector Gadget.)
* Bridget does a very dramatic eye roll.
* Today we learned that repast is "an archaic word for snack."
* After my bit was done, I hung around to watch Bridget and Alexis rehearse (what else was I going to do) and it was very amusing. Alexis is singing ("I messed up the words...." she sung at one point) and I guess she is playing her recording off her phone? She and Bridget are waving sticks around.
Let me tell you, this is the bounciest I've ever seen Bridget in my life. She is waving that stick around like she's the Star Wars Kid. She is hammier than I am today. Wowza. Someone get this woman a lightsaber.
* And then they started doing a Zoom kickline.... This is another one of those "Uh, how is this going to go with a green screen?" moments.... I suppose we are fortunate that nobody kicked a laptop. I asked Linda about this and she said she was rethinking the green screens.

I'll say this: can't really picture Scott doing this number, which helps on my inner "waaah, not to diss Alexis but I want him in the paaaarrt" whine. He is not bouncy (that's my department).

Speaking of, I sent him the #8 photo here. And that's my attempt to contact him for the month. Actually did get some response though, so yay there. I got him talking about work--that board photo reminded me of the amusing display boards they used to have at the store, he said those were done by a lady who hasn't come back since the pandemic started--and then I asked him about the big problem he was having last month to see if it got solved yet (mostly....? I'll believe it when the goods show up), and then we were talking about the joys of mail and shipping at our respective jobs, and then well, it turned into me ranting about my job again. That's probably not the world's best conversation topic, but he's sympathetic. And also to some degree turned into Office Space stapler guy jokes.

That turned out to go for about three hours! Go figure, eh? That's downright miraculous these days.

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