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2020-07-20, 6:29 p.m.

After last night, I woke up about the happiest I've been outside of a sleep-in-all-morning morning.

I went to bed last night and woke up to find that Scott had sent me one last text (along the lines of "sorry you have to go through all of that at work") after I went to sleep. I wrote back to say thanks, and sorry I fell asleep, he said he understood. So that's a whopping two days that I've spoken to him this month. A vast improvement. I wonder if this is coming true? (Probably not, but I hope.) Thought about writing him back to say today didn't suck, but other than "Great!", that isn't exactly a conversation starter.
Today's tarot (#2) is perfect.

At work, we started out with some good news and some bad news.

* Good news: Coworker Sarah went to Tahoe to a family house for the weekend, where her 8-year-old daughter found a ring. This turned out to be her brother's wedding ring, which he lost 10 years ago. That's freaking amazing. Sarah hadn't even known the ring was lost.
I also found out that...well, a while back a bunch of offices wanted me to key like a thousand tedious freaking things that I in no way had the time to do. Boss and grandboss told me to hold off entirely on this while they tried to work out a tech solution for it. I guess they didn't because I found out they told Sarah to do it instead. Hmmmmmmmm. Well, at least I won't have to do all of it.
* Probably bad news: Lioness bailed out of most of work today, having had some kind of family drama over the weekend that she didn't spell out.
* Most likely really bad news: My boss is out tomorrow because they found some kind of mass in one of her kids's jaw. Though on the good news side, he didn't test positive for coronavirus, so bright side! She was trying to smile, but god, it was just sad to watch her try to be cheerful over Zoom about this. Good god.
* More like sensible news: The Craft Center is shut down again indefinitely. But on the good news side, they got another commission to make more face masks. Jared closed out the email with "So it goes." What else can you do.
* Otherwise, my day was quiet and productive and I didn't piss anyone off and I got some work done, even if I found Yet Another Possible Problem That Might Cause A Lot Of Drama, sigh. If I end a workday not feeling fried, it's the best I can do!
* Sarah said some lovely things about me and said that everyone seems to really like me. Well, except for boss (at times--I think she likes me in general, I just piss her off frequently enough) and definitely not grandboss now even though she did finally get around to ordering me the book gift certificate for the drawing I won. Unfortunately, their opinions are the only ones that matter....

The new synchronicity: suffragette ninjitsu. Kelly sent me this yesterday and then today I read a book that made a reference to same--which is all the funnier since it was an alternate universe fantasy novel.

I don't have rehearsal the rest of this week (no scenes I'm in, anyway) so I talked to Loretta. More of the same, I guess? Comparing grocery orders, talking about crafting stuff, people not wearing masks, where we're not going, people who get annoyed at you for not wanting to go places. Good to talk to her, though.

I have spent the last few days listening to podcasts about the Karolyis and Larry Nassar. Holy fucking shit, these awful fucking people. Like this article on a bullying showrunner who finally got fired, it boils down to "we'll put up with anything as long as we're making money." The Karolyi methods are absolutely awful.... but the girls won, so it worked. The bullying showrunner got shows in on time and under budget, so let's let him harass the shit out of the stars and employees. (As Mo Ryan called it, "Sun King.") And the Larry Nassar series is particularly disgusting, as the first few episodes really spell out his methods of shoving his hands up girl's vaginas (he gives them tearaway shorts to wear! WTF? This is a thing in medicine and not a strip club?!) right in front of their parents in a way that the parents don't even catch it? People tried to report him for years and were blown off and ignored? He breaks out Power Points on how it's all a "medical procedure" (note: he ain't a gynecologist) every time the cops call? BLEEEEEECH.

Someone online pointed out this thread to me online and I really relate to it.

"I feel like close friendships recalibrating themselves for pandemic-era realities are a phenomenon I'm not reading about as much as I'd expect to, based on my own life. Like, some are not gonna make it. Some are stronger. Some are struggling. And getting clarity is hard, because who wants to say "pay attention to MEEEEE" right now? It's like ... your close relationships are somewhat reliant on whether communication styles, habits, etc. fit together. And now all that stuff is different. So the attachments remain, but how well the thing works is pretty up in the air."

I hear ya. There's also this:

"I am feeling like some friendships are going dormant and tbd whether either party will be able to revive them"

Someone on the thread said she's working on an article about this. Good.

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