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Outdoor Rehearsal Starts Today

2019-07-22, 8:40 p.m.

At work, we are all now forced to wear our name tags at all times. If I wanted a job where I had to wear my name on my shirt... Oh, wait, I don’t. ‘Nuff said.

We started outdoor rehearsals tonight, on the stage that severely needs fixing. There is a dangerous bump in the middle of the stage and the stairs are not usable (did I mention that my fake fiance likes to run around barefoot and we have to enter up those stairs at one point?). We’ve been told it was reported to the city, but who knows if it’ll actually happen. It sounds more like Scott and his dad who does woodworking will probably just get fed up and do it themselves (note because I am writing this weeks later: that happened).

Laurel, Cameron and I went all Three Musketeers and played with swords. Later we made some Firefly jokes, with Laurel twirling Cameron’s parasol and I claimed to know which end of the sword to hold.

I also sewed Laurel’s ass when she asked me to mend the pants she was wearing. I did Phoebe towards the end again, so that’s fun.

“Do a snappy penguin dance.” -Cameron to Cody when he forgot a line
“Shout it out like Shakespeare Mad Libs.” -Cameron (probably same situation)

”Laurel has previously been seen breaking her water in Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding.” -me, suggesting a bio, because I guess we have to turn one in for this show.

As Charles says he’ll never wrestle again if he loses this time: “Don’t make promises like that.” -Cameron

“Where’s Valentin?” -Cody
“I scared him away.” -Laurel
“But we need him for stuff.” -me

Now the fight between Orlando and Charles is being held behind a wall, which annoys me greatly and feels like a cheat. Seriously, their play fights worked, in my opinion...

I have decided that I ship Orlando/LeBeau because when Laurel comes on to Cody, it is priceless. He is so confused and she is so cute.

“Now I laugh like Jeff Goldblum.” -Scott

“Thou hast the testicles of an elephant, Cody.” -Scott

Cody continues to play as many roles as he can when others are out. “Phil, tell me what you sound like. Do a Jaques,” he said as he was about to imitate him while playing First Lord. (Why does that guy not have a name, anyway? He gets a monologue but no name?) Also from Cody on the same subject: “It’s so nice to have a script. I don’t get to have that for my lines.” And “I do so well with everyone else’s lines but not with my own.”

More on Cody from others:
“He’s doing a Bruce Campbell.” -Scott
“His neck must work so hard to hold up that large head.” -Laurel

Cameron after her wardrobe change (currently being done in public right now): “This close to public indecency.”
“It’s the pants. They do 80% of the work.” -Cameron

Cody on Ganymede’s entrance: “It’s a boy!”

Me watching Phil sing the word “ass:” “Where’s Dogberry when we need him?” (Seriously, I want to see this cast do Much Ado. Not happening though, at least not soon.)
“I know the words are not on the script but I’ll get them sometime...” -Phil, singing still and ad-libbing.

“The men pick fights and argue with each other and the women are all ‘sisterhood, right on.’” -Cameron

Cody ran through the audience space with his sword. I dearly wish he could do that in the actual show, but Laure said no.

“You hungry? Give me something.” -Cody (during the scene where he attacks Duke Senior’s court while looking for food)
“Welcome to our table-this tiny little thing.” -Scott, filling in for Duke Senior. The “table” is a tiny stool.

“Something about blushing!” -Cody

“Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life” is still happening, with courtly dance.

Once again, the kid with 1.5 arms is the only one trying to drag a guy on the ground... just saying, folks.

Jim is wearing sunglasses during rehearsal, I wish he’d leave them on for the show. It’s a farce already anyway....

“Thou art a shit poet.” -Scott to Cody

“Overdo everything.” -Laure
“I can always do that.” -Jim
“He’s precious.” Carol

“If you’d just send him to school for poetry...” (unknown, but probably me because who are we kidding)

“What shall I do with my doublet and hose?” -Rosalind
“Take it off! Take it off!” -me
“Go naked!” -Laurel
“Prove you’re a girl!” -me

“I don’t awnt to hang ou with you, but I want to hang out with you.” -me translating Jaques and Orlando’s conversation.

“Something very poetic.” -Cody

I seriously want to see whenever Cody does a one man show of doing all the parts.

“He’s like Sarah if he ate a thousand Pixy Stix.” -me on how Cody plays Phoebe.

“I don’t have to learn all these lines, I’m other people now.” -Cody
“Cameron knows all your lines.” -Scott

“Ooh, I never get this bad, what’s the word, Steve?” -Cameron

I found out that Scott used to imitate Trump and his ex didn’t like it. I concur with her on this.

Someone brought a dog and we petted the dog.

I have down “Rosalind is beating up her boyfriend now?”

We don’t have Cody’s sling here for some reason, so we’re using Cameron’s scarf for that.

I have written down “everything is a hairy cow to Shakespeare,” and also, a lioness has teats?!

“It was a lioness. With udders.” --Cody

“Oooh! Private family time.” --Cody on the line “stripped himself.”

“I would have better been a woman.” -Rosalind
“Maybe next life. Or next act.” -me
“Or when Hera shows up.” -Cody

Laure on the show: “It was very charming.” She also said to me, “You’re so delightful doing it.” Flatterer. Also to everyone: “Our characters are perfect. You are uniquely your character!”

Rehearsal ran until after 10 p.m, with only 8 of us making it to the end without leaving early. Dang.

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