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More Wackadoodle Rehearsal Snark

2019-07-23, 10:40 p.m.

More wackadoo rehearsal notes!

I have written down “Laure primal scream time.” I don’t super remember what this was when writing this down like two weeks later, but I can only assume I walked in on such?

“Tis patriarchal bullshit.” -Scott on the lack of pockets in women’s clothing. Hear, hear.

We are to e-mail a bio to Linda’s husband, so that is happening.

During outdoor rehearsal, some kind of outdoor-ish dance-class thing was happening, including playing a song on repeat. I think it was “A Thousand Miles.”
“This song has been going on for a thousand years. I’ve said this joke like six times.” -Cameron.

“CamerOOOOON! I wanna SLAP HIM!” -Scott, presumably about the moment when he slaps Cody.

“Never have two ladies loved as they do” is a line in the play, to which I was all, “Could have a whooooole different context.”

“I’ve added five inches.” -Germaine, presumably about a costume.
“That sounds bad in context.” -me.

“Here comes Mademoiselle Le Beau.” -Celia
“In a yoga position.” -Jim
“Oh damn.” --Laurel, realizing she’s late to go on.

“Have a cigarette.” -Phil after the wrestling.

The fake fight is supposed to go on behind the walls for 5-10 seconds now. Phil’s comment: “Sounds like a public restroom.”

“Everyone freezes.” -Laure telling actors what to do during the fight.
“But we have lines!” -Cameron

“No one is being shot and I am not dead.”
“Whaaaaat?” -Cameron talking about a conversation with her boss right before she smashed a chocolate bar.

“We’re going to have to get used to the fact that everyone is going to see more of me than they bargained for.” -Cameron doing another outdoor costume change.

“Go out, Brando!” --Scott on Brian’s exit.

“Touchstone, go out there and shut him up.” -me on Jaques’s singing.

“Can you imagine him (Jaques) at Disneyland?” -me

“Oh, Errol Flynn.” -Germaine on Cody’s entrance with a sword (now from the side of the stage). “You better buckle your swash.”

“You’re not good at this.” -Laure on Cody’s “swordplay.”

“This seems to be a problem.” -Laure
“Yes, because we have all new boobies.” -Cody (I have no recollection of the context of this one.)

I cut out a lot of paper hearts for Cody to post around the stage (along with Elizabeth) and some of us wrote poetry or lines or other romantic things on them.

“Audrey + Touchstone for 2 months”
“I would be married, Master Touchstone.”
“He hath many times told me of his love and he hath oft praised my goats.”
“I do desire it with all my heart, and I hope it is no dishonest desire to be a woman of the world.”
“You and you are sure together as the winter to foul weather.”
“Winter garments must be lined--so must slender Rosalind.” -Touchstone
“Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m not a poet, you had me at hellew?”
“R + O”
“Celia + Oliver”
“Jaques + Touchstone 4 Eva”
“Roses are read, violets are blue, if this be true, why blame me to love you?”

“He’s so crafty! He has a lot of time on his hands.” -Cameron on Orlando

“This is an accident waiting to happen, you two.” --me to Valentin and Josh, who are doing shenanigans involving shoelaces that will so lead to tripping. (Laurel was also doing random yoga poses with Valentin as well.)
“He was stupid enough to step into it.” -Josh
“And here we thought Silvius was the sub.” -me

“We’re a power couple.” ---Phil on Jaques and Touchstone.

“You don’t know where my hands have been either.” -Jim

“Tell me about rhythm.” -Cody forgot a line again.

“Blood, everybody, hello!” --Scott with the bloody napkin souvenir

I have the following very sketchy notes at the end: “yoga, shoelace, massage, weird shit.” I think that was all the shenanigans that Laurel/Valentin/Josh were getting up to.

As for karaoke, we had Robert, Janene, Zach, Sarah, and me. I was only there for a half hour-ish due to rehearsal, but lemme tell ya, it was a memorable half hour that anyone who didn’t go to should be sorry they missed. I still wanted to do the song from last week but Pyrate still didn’t have it---he did buy and start downloading it for me though, and showed me how one gets songs into the catalog by showing me where he gets the music. (So far I’ve only found one song of the ones I’ve been looking for there, but I’ll keep trying.)

I did “Pompeii” instead. Sarah did “Faithfully,” which was a different experience than when Scott does it. Jim (who is still out with the wife and kid every week lately) did “Paradise by the Dashboard Light,” and the end number was alllllll of American Pie, done by Zach and Badger. It was memorable.

We also started planning Sarah’s birthday party, which will be on karaoke night in a few weeks AND on a night we don’t have rehearsal on. She wants cake and funny hats and for Laurel to jump out of a cake (that last might be difficult).

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