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2008-07-24, 11:16 a.m.

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Got an e-mail from a cousin wondering why he hadn't heard from me in a while, and I was all, "Uh, I have nothing to say any more. Life is pretty dull" (except for the mama drama, which I am not passing on to relatives) "around here, so what's there to talk about?" The most exciting things going on around me of late involve crafting or Dr. Horrible.

Speaking of crafting, I am now halfway done with my goal of six projects done this summer (three to go). I think I will get at least 4 done, maybe 5 if I get lucky. We'll see. I keep wanting to do projects that will take me a long time, which is awkward right now. I spotted some cool new skirts too...oh, temptation.

I had a surprise gift party go to Sunday night, for which I made dust bunnies. They went over very well, with someone else requesting that I make her one too. Aww.
The funny thing was, when witchy-types have a party, even the "surprise random" gifting wasn't so much. I pretty much "knew" from the getgo who was going to get mine, the girl who did said hers was either going to me or one other person, a third girl knew hers was going to a guy, and the fourth person (a guy) knew so specifically who was getting his that he made her jewelry to fit. This amuses me, somehow.

I am also taking a spinning (yarn, not bikes) class. I suck at spinning. It's not even that I suck at it that bugs me so much as everyone else is perfect at it from the first second of starting. It makes me feel even lamer when I am the only one fucking up every second.

Mom has figured out that if she calls me at some time like oh, 10:45 p.m., I will most likely be home. She is so! excited! to be able to call me at a time where if I don't answer the phone, she will have a cow because I wasn't home at that late hour. Argh. Yay for her going off to Pat's wedding from hell (see below) for the rest of the week.

Last time I went home was the typical shit- two days of good and one day of being yelled at the entire time going home, until I felt like I'd been bitten in the neck and sucked dry. Bleah. I'm tired of the third day punishment thing. If only I had more excuses to be able to leave after 2 days.

My mom's friend Pat is, like me, a drama/chaos magnet. Everyone around her is always having some kind of drama, plus she's got a family wedding coming up next weekend that promises to be a real horror in the making. (Note to self: you are a drama magnet, do not EVER try to plan a wedding, for it will be nothing but disaster.) When I was in the Bay, she ended up losing her car key and there was two hours of drama eruption, calling AAA, bugging the locksmith next door, etc. I was kind of amused watching the whole thing, mainly because for once the drama wasn't hitting ME. Of course, this happened on a Sunday, so the drama blew up on me later. Always gotta pay, I guess.

Without getting into ugly details not belonging to me, my current ride to writer's group has just quit. I do not blame him a bit for doing so, and I have been suspecting for the last six months it was going to come to this anyway. I guess it's good when the hammer finally comes down. That's "three strikes, you're out" for me, as well. I know people in this town with cars who don't want to join a writer's group, I know people in this town without cars who want in one (see below), but the Venn diagram is now missing an overlap. So I think one way or another, my time there is gonna be over. Sigh.

Some people in this town are actually trying to start a writer's group here, so I will probably just do that. I went to their second meeting on Sunday afternoon (nice timing, I can actually squeeze that in most of the time), so we'll see. Two of them are just out of high schoolers, so I am surprised at their motivation. One of them is moving away next month (I was all, "And now you're starting this?" and she said she wanted to have something to do this summer!), but I think enough people will show up to keep things going for a bit. There were two other non-college student chicks there, so that bodes well for stability. Ironically, one of them said she'd wanted to join the Sac group but couldn't make it (either).

I will miss the Sac folks a lot, but...well, this was inevitable, really. And it does free up my Wednesdays some more, which will be easier for scheduling stuff.

T-shirt class (the first set of workshops, there will be another in the fall) starts on Saturday. I have made printouts, I have books, I have a whole show-n-tell of my old projects planned out for people that I am excited about.

I just hope I don't suck. Or that I start doing stuff that peeves me about other instructors. (I am currently annoyed at the spinning instructor because she doesn't want to teach drop spindle and I wanted to learn how to use it. I am not dissing her, but...argh.) Like telling them "this is what you want to do," when you have no idea what you "want" to do yet.

I was kind of amused the other day when one of the gym instructors (who as far as I know, doesn't even do anything at the CC) was asking about it. That was random.

I also apparently kinda volunteered myself to help teach a friend's next EC class in the fall, on a subject I think someone needs to teach, but she says I have more practical experience in it than she does. Well, okay.

I love summer and wish I wasn't so flipping crabby during this one. I am frustrated with myself for (a) not being happy with the status quo, but (b) not UNhappy enough to want to change it. I'm built for endurance, not for throwing off the shackles and running around free. I haven't the faintest idea how to choose and make a deliberate big change of any kind. My shrink doesn't know what to do with me. I don't either.

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