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Sabers From Dawn To Dusk

2015-07-24, 7:01 a.m.

Another month, another You! The Musical!

This month I brought Merry to see it for the first and last time--managed to get her to go out one last time since she was in too bad of a mood to do moving crap. She got yelled at at work AND her husband left his e-mail open on the laptop so she saw that he's already looking for chicks to hook up with in Portland.* I can't say I was exactly shocked, but she was really steamed about it all night. Unfortunately, there ain't shit she can do to stop him and at this point he's her paycheck and health insurance, so....well, good luck when you're in a studio apartment together next week. Sigh. I would like to think that the musical took her mind off some of that briefly, at least.

* They are technically speaking in an "open relationship." At guess who's insistence. There is a lot of drama going on about that, especially since I think he likes to choose people that get on her nerves specifically.

I forget what this month's title was exactly, something like "Sabers From Dawn To Dusk." It evolved into (as they pointed out at the end) a Mulan-like plot featuring a girl (Mel) going off to war and bringing her very prissy best friend (played by a dude) along, getting yelled at by a general, falling in love with a dude who likes how she stabs people and wondering how she's going to deal with the hidden gender issue there. The dude she falls for is obsessed with killing the one-eyed Nazi who did his dad in--Brian periodically played the ghost dad going "no, no, no" silently as his son described all the gross things he planned to do to the Nazi.

Anyway, the "secretly I'm a girl" discussion went well when the Nazi and his cohort broke in and Mel had her fake zucchini dick shot off trying to save the guy. Oh yeah, and I'm a girl... After doing in the Nazis, huzzah! Also, the general (played by Molly) was also a girl, and she totally girled it up after that revelation. Heh. Ghost Dad came in to say he wanted his son to be happy, did not like the general girl, and ugh, why is the Nazi in heaven with me? EW! They all end with a song about how girls are great and guys are great too and yes, girls can fight in battle and still get laid and whatnot.

Memorable lines and moments:
"I'm sorry I lied. But I saved you with my dick."
"Maybe I am her pussy massager."
Molly, after seeing Mel's boobs, getting in a little grope and sticking her nose in there. (Oh, Molly, you can't resist doing that in every show with Mel.)

So I got a ton of laughs and as far as I can tell in between confrontational phone calls with Greg (insert mega eye-roll here) and otherwise texting, Merry did too. So there was that.

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