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2003-07-25, 9:36 p.m.

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Well, it's been a pretty assy week.

Hill has accepted the job, and is doing a lot of planning and packing. She's moving back departure date a few days- from a Monday to a Thursday- and is having us drive only every other day. So we're ending up in El Paso for a full day (we hear there's nothing there, so we shall lounge by the pool) and San Antonio (supposed to be better) for a full day as well, and I fly home at the crack of dawn Saturday.

Incidentally, why on earth would an airline charge $160 for flying from New Orleans to SF, then have a three hour layover before a flight to Sacramento, and have that whole caboodle about $100 cheaper than if you just flew to SF without the connection?! That makes no sense. It would cost me a fuckload more just to take a shuttle home earlier!

I am freaking about paying for all of this. She kinda wants to get a nice hotel for two nights on a weekend, in Vegas. Ugh, moneywise. Not to mention she's talking about taking lots of cabs if we have to, etc., etc. She is trying to keep it cheap, staying in a hotel in New Orleans with a free shuttle to the airport, etc. But my money is very low right now and it's frightening me.

Though on the good news, it looks like they're gonna pass a budget after all! Hooray!!!! I get to keep my paycheck! Hopefully won't have to beg Mom for rent money!

I haven't contacted Raymond yet, as this week's been rather disaster-y and I just well, haven't. I went home sick on Monday because I was aching so bad from carrying my luggage. I think I'm kinda on overload of late about doing things.

I'm trying to finish those sheets (I'm about to get to sewing the hems, which are gonna be a BITCH, after redoing a bunch of things), as well as a reversible dress (if I can figure out how to well, reverse), and I seriously need some goddamn ideas for the quilt. As April Winchell would say, I got nothing. Or more like, I had ideas, but are they doable? Uh...dammit, I dunno what to do. I rather wish I hadn't signed up, since ahem, remember how fabric dyeing isn't my skill and all.

Can anyone explain to me why on earth S&D would (a) go back to Dave's house to talk to his mom again after last time when she kicked them out for badmouthing him, and then promptly (b) start badmouthing him again to his mom's face? HELLO?!

Good lord.

Some good news in the middle of the bitching:

I managed to avoid having to go to the work bridal shower going on this week. Not only did I not really know the brides (they work in a different area than I), I have no gift money. Everyone was so hyper about it it was wigging me out. I finally snuck out around 11 (when festivity prep began) and went home for a few hours, leaving a note that I had to go home for an emergency.

Said emergency was waiting for my new DSL modem to come, and it did while I was home. It's now hooked up, yay!

Ironically, when I went back to work, they'd left me a piece of cake and candy favor on my desk. Awww.

I also signed up for a free trial of Netflix and have been watching The 10th Kingdom this week, which rocks. Next I'm getting the first Daria movie and An Evening With Kevin Smith.

Okay, back to the same old parental unpleasantness... stop reading now, and I won't be offended.

I was planning on going home this weekend, since I hadn't this month yet and timingwise this would have been the best time to. And yet, I dreaded it. If I was around my parents, I would feel compelled to spill abou the trip and then get yelled at for it, plus I'm really sick of feeling like absolute dogshit on Sundays with them. Plus, after how heinous Amtrak was last weekend, I sooooo did not want to hop on the trains again until they're not all breaking down at once. Truth be told, I wanted to stay home and sew and enjoy my DSL and not spend money.

I spent the week debating what to do. Go home, be a good girl, be miserable? Go to Dave's, get in touch with Raymond, go to his family party? Stay home? I didn't call Mommy on Wednesday because I still couldn't decide. She got fed up and called me ASAP Thursday to yell at me for not calling. Direct quote- "THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR NOT CALLING YOUR MOTHER! NOTHING WOULD STOP ME FROM CALLING YOU! UNLESS I WAS REALLY MAD AND EVEN THEN THAT WOULDN'T BE VERY LONG!" She was also quite furious that I hadn't been grateful enough for the computer (I can't argue that one). At this point, I'm (a) frightened, (b) thinking "Oh dear God, do I not want to go home," and (c) knowing that now I HAD HAD HAD to go home and kiss ass.

Until she started bitching about me seeing Dave and outright told me I should stay home and sew. "Well, FINE, I will!"

Amazingly enough, she was then all pissy at me for NOT being in a cheerful mood, ready to have a nice pleasant chat. Seriously.

Wow, it just feels so good when I bash my head into the nearest wall!

So anyway, I'm home alone this weekend, and finally fucking decompressing for the first time in quite awhile. It's an improvement already.

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