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When The Two-Year-Old's Annoyed...

2004-07-25, 10:58 p.m.

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It was a pretty low key weekend. Took up watching Farscape. Went to dance class and then out to lunch with the teacher and the other student there. Tried to knit and had to take out the entire damned front of the shirt again. Decided to work on Sweet Disorder instead, which went a lot better. Made Rice Krispie treats for potluck tomorrow- something quick, easy, 3 ingredients, and doesn't have to be refrigerated, woo hoo!

I would probably not write much about this, but I just got off the phone with Mom after hearing the latest relative report.

My baby cousins Justin and Jessica (6 and 2) apparently don't like Grandma. After three days of visiting they wanted to go home and were tired of eating fried stuff every day rather than vegetables. Both of them complained that "You asked us that already!" Even Jessica, who doesn't speak in complete sentences, managed to get that out. And when Grandma asked if they loved her, they said NO!

Amazing. You know you're bad when the 2-year-old has a problem with you.

Auntie Dolores and Uncle Bruce came over today for the official "what do we do about Grandma" summit, where it was reported that they were amazed I didn't smack Grandma for the boob handling. Mom said Uncle Bruce said, "We're pleased that Jennifer has a chest, but..." I said, "Uh, he's PLEASED about it?! That's disturbing!"

Mom thinks Auntie D is a Stepford wife, as she doesn't actually give an opinion when asked for one, but looks at Uncle Bruce to speak. I said, "What do you expect? When they married, they became one person, and that was him."

Mom also found out that Grandma wanted the PITAS to go home last summer (they spent 6 weeks there painting the house), and that the PITAS drink a lot while visiting. Apparently Uncle Bruce told Ron that "when you run out of Long Island iced teas, you'll know it's really bad."

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