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2011-07-26, 2:21 p.m.

* My boss got back from vacation and got us all bags of "Chipmunk Droppings" (chocolate-covered sunflower seeds). I think I love her.
* A bird landed on my table at lunch today. I also saw said bird briefly stalking a squirrel (really), but alas, this stopped around the time I whipped out the camera. I did get 2 shots of the bird on the table, though.
* Wildlife photography is HARD, man! A few weeks ago I briefly got ONE shot of a squirrel on my table, and then the next week another one practically danced across my table, but I couldn't get the camera ready in time. I think they are taunting me.
* I also saw a bunny yesterday, AND a raccoon. There seems to be a neighborhood raccoon now: I saw him a few weeks ago going home one night and then last night I saw a trash bag floating past a drain get mysteriously yanked down the drain. I thought, "Hm, I bet that's a raccoon," and sure 'nuff, a little head popped up. Alas, both of these cases had too much bad lighting (or were at night) to do any photography attempts.
* My mosaic class loves me. Huzzah! I think I am going to be sad when it's over. I don't know if/when it'll run again. Maybe next summer?
* So there are like 4 books coming out today (for example, this one! that I'd like. Which I normally would have run out during lunch to buy at Borders, EXCEPT I FUCKING CAN'T. They did not come out at the campus bookstore either (which carries some popular titles). I will probably try the indie bookstore tomorrow, but they don't seem to have books come into the store exactly on release date when I've tried to get them quickly before (and then 2 weeks later, I found the damn book I'd had to order on Amazon), so... grrrrr. I hate pre-ordering books (I can't explain why I don't like it, I just don't).
* Camp NaNoWriMo is gonna (re)start (again) in August. I said I'd do it. I've got my research more or less done for it. But now I am thinking... argh, I wanna be outside and laptop batteries only last so long for that... plus I have buttloads of research books I'd like to put into the book and I can't carry all of them around...grr!
* Mom and the boyfriend are still not broken up yet. I don't get what's going on there, and I did not get to talk to her about it on Requisite Phone Call Night because her psuedo-boyfriend took her to a Dolly Parton concert (lucky, wish I could have but it was a Sunday night).
* My shrink is donating bone marrow. Things are mostly pretty major drama-free right now, but between the shrink being gone and Mom going to Europe after next weekend, I dearly hope no major dramas erupt in the first two weeks of August. Which makes me wonder.. what major drama may very well erupt in the first two weeks of August because I said that?

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